September 28th, 2000

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: my attempt

my attempt

I want you to know that
I am hurting
but you can't hear me
as you've already moved on
go on, leave me like the rest
because there are always
stronger connections made
with those who have thoughts
free flowin'
all over the damn place
I tend to buy my veggies fresh
but then forget about it
left in the crisper to rot
Ours was a brief affair
full of passion at first
subdued by lack of attention
not enough time
or energy for the pain of
someone who needs so much
from so many
I can't keep up
the amount of inspiration
that you need
I can't write like that
because when I try
it comes out like:
"jean bag over my shoulder
with cherry bubblegum chewed
between lips glistening with
'Swirled Liquid Lipstick Cherry Cola Float'
and i want him to kiss me right now"

my words are nothing
too simple, too clear.

ADP 28 September 2000