November 20th, 1999

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: winter's stars

winter's stars

i remember the first time
you arrived at my door
it was december
you had been on the road
since christmas eve
and smelled like paths of stars
in a dust crinkled sky
sunken moon on a
dark blue background
painted into twilight
in a nature study textbook
there are plants flattened
between the pages where
it is written that winter's stars
are the brightest of the year
should you happen to
draw a line from one to the other
and form your constellations
name it after the children
your seed would bring forth
if only my womb were fertile
our fluids were exchanged
like crossing rivers
exploring lands where
the moon stays full
and the sun shines
bright in darkness

I welcome winter's stars
to fall on me this night.

adp 20 November 1999