November 1st, 1999

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: Dragged behind a machine

Dragged behind
a machine
a bulldozer
in a plowed field
rope tied around
the body clothed
in torn brown rags
the body is dead
but the soul is alive
this is his mother
abused to provoke our hero
this is his blood
long since
drained by death
the evil creature laughs
as he repeatedly
mutilates the earth
row by row
the seeds
memories of
complete horror
our hero
arrives on the scene
just in time to hear
the creature's own mother
scold him and shout,
"Stop it, Son!"
Silence as the hero watches
Waiting as sadness sweeps the sky
it will soon be dark forever
this is the purpose
of the evil creature
who backs up slowly
while a crowd
has formed in awe
this has become a show
I was there
I watched
I heard
the pop and crack
of her skull
and I mourned
for both mothers
only to realize
when I awoke
...that woman was me.

01 November 1999 ADP