August 17th, 1999

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: Grasshopper with a body like a young green tree

with a body like
a young green tree
sitting on a time clock
that isn't operational yet
lovely blue boxes
that display the date
and time and the name
of the company that
issues our paystubs
which is coincidentally
the same as my initials

I stood starstruck
by this creature
so vivid and animated
and looking at me
I tried to think of
some deep truth
to this moment
perhaps a contrast
of life above the machine
but could only say
"look!" to the people
who walked by me

Heading to the doors
at lunch break
one woman stopped
and said to me,
"yeah, isn't it cruel how
the guys step on them
outside all the time"
and I thought
of all the bugs and the
black beetles everywhere
this time of year in the factory
so disgusting and creepy

Crawling from one dark
corner to the next
I imagined dozens hiding
beneath bins and machinery
gathering like they do in the
wash basins where one day
I swear I heard them
talk to each other
about three of them there
saying they wished it was
time to go home
instead of only second break

I wanted to tell them
about one of their friends
that got ensnared by a
spider in the last stall
of the ladies' washroom
during first break
but what would I say
I mean really - that he
struggled and fussed
like a fumbling fool
as the spider calmly
wove the web back and forth

Surely they wouldn't want to
hear that since it would only
remind them of their
own wasteful lives and how
they'll most likely meet their end
pathetically alone and void of heroics
smooshed under soles but
better than being eaten alive
I suppose but I can't stop
thinking about that
pretty green splattered
all over the blue.

ADP 17 August 1999
alice lost in labyrinth

poem: sweat on the forehead

sweat on the forehead
fever not breaking
whole body shaking
go and catch the moon
bring it down to your level
lie down on the couch
body curved into
the spoon position
where's your lover now
it's the waiting that
curls the insides
not that flu
that goes around

17 August 1999 ADP