July 16th, 1999

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

One forty in the morning
leaning on this table
stainless steel tubing
dust staining my flesh
thinking of you
and iced tea
thinking of how
you would take these
sugar packets
then stir and shake
into my brew
you make the
bitter taste sweet

I remember these things
while I'm working
as I'm sleeping
whenever I am trying
to get my mind
off of you
like my hands
and lips and eyes
are forced to be
to concentrate
on what is around me
but I miss that
which is not

this sliver of steel
beneath my skin
is all I have
to keep me here
aware of all
that I am responsible
for all that I have
to stay sane for
all the people
who need me
that I can be there
for while I can't
be there with you.

ADP 16 July 1999