March 4th, 1996

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: Piece of Sky

Piece of Sky
You puzzle my thoughts
i lose a piece or two
you take my piece of sky
and leave me with a hole
the picture doesn't
quite look right
oh well this is boring
i'd rather play a
different game
what do you have in mind
besides yourself
i didn't mean it that way
i just think that you
have to be
somewhere in there
tell me friend
what colours do you see
what shapes float
past your eyelids
am i in there
my piece of puzzle
piece of sky
is it misplaced
beneath the floorboard
of your brain
do you know it's there
but refuse to pick it up
or did you think it was
not as important as
the rest of the puzzle
but it is
because now
where can we fly
with no piece of sky...?

04 March 1996 ADP