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The Stillness : in Morocco (2)

The Stillness
in Morocco
by Shannon Amaadar

(23 March 2020)
The government has now implemented a full quarantine. Repatriation flights have been cancelled and all transportation between cities has been stopped. People are being pulled over and asked to show their permission slips through closed car windows.

This was taken from my walk yesterday.
"This is from my walk yesterday."

Over the weekend, protests erupted in the northern cities. Crowds of people filled the streets marching against what they view as a government overstepping their bounds, inching towards utilitarianism.

They don’t think about how close they are to Spain, and how easily they could be spreading this virus.

In the past few months, the borders with the Spanish cities have been closed to curb bootlegging and illegal migration. This is just another measure by the government to make life difficult for the people in these cities.

This has forced the government to enact stricter laws with regards to the quarantine measures. Anyone caught disobeying, caught out in the street with no reason, opening shops and selling without a special permit, or spreading misinformation, will spend up to 3 months in jail and pay a fine.

empty streets
"empty streets"

For me it’s life as usual or at least usual for the last week. I work mostly online anyway it’s just that now I’m on the couch and supplying my own coffee.

I’m not incredibly worried. The government here is making a lot of effort to contain the spread. I feel inconvenienced more than anything.

I’m using this new found time to try to relax a little and reflect. The constant running from place to place before all of this created a lot of anxiety. I’m beginning to loosen up again.

Until a new anxiety fills the space.



Right now, I’m looking out my window at empty streets. Stray dogs and cats are becoming braver, taking back more and more territory from us. I have some relaxing music playing on the YouTube. The kind of music you hear playing in a small cafe as you lean back and sip a latte. It helps.

I’m thinking about what I want to make for lunch, and what I should accomplish today. I have a lesson with my students from the UK this afternoon. I also have to create more online teaching resources and upload them to my website.

I keep busy.

The government says the quarantine will be in effect until April 20th. Almost a month.

How different things will be by then.



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Shannon Amaadar
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