goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: I have a problem with hypothetical problems.

I have a problem with hypothetical problems.

You don't know what you're capable of until
the moment happens and you don't know what
you'd actually do until you have to do it.

Every day we are faced with moral dilemmas
but one person's dilemma is another person's
nevermind, not their problem, nothing at all.

You think you believe in one thing. You think
that it is true. You think that you know what
you would do. You think, but how do you know?

We're set up from the start by being told that
others know what's going on and they know how
things work, with privileges provided for some

who do the right thing, though most often not.

Don't ask me to pick between five people or one.
Don't tell me that one outcome is more right than
the other. It could change. Hindsight, perspective.

I have been loved by someone more than they said
they would love anyone. I have said the same to
someone else. We are all train wrecks when struck.

In the end, we become casualties. Of cause, effect,
other people's choices, our own. There are so many
decisions to make that create our momentary lives.

It is not my dilemma to decide who should live and
who should die. If one person's life is worth less
or more than others? But in that moment, if I must

decide one way or another, I'll have to live with it

until I die.

- adp, 21 February 2017 @ 4:06pm/4:21pm

This is my Week 9 therealljidol entry for the topic: The Trolley Problem.
Tags: poetry & prose

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