goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: February's Full Moon is called

February's Full Moon is called

the Snow Moon or the Hunger Moon

with the penumbral lunar eclipse
the full moon will pass within
the Earth's shadow - in particular

the dusky part of the earth's shadow
not the shadow itself - note that
wherever you note things or notice

the sun, the earth and the moon
must be aligned perfectly for a
penumbral lunar eclipse - just so

or else it would be a full lunar eclipse

and the Comet 45P/HMP will make
its closest pass to earth in rotation
since five point two five years ago

and you can spot the constellation of Leo
if all of that isn't enough for you tonight
if the moon in the sky was not sufficient

yesterday my friend David died because his
heart gave out and the moon is still full
and the dusky part, not the shadow itself

will still be aligned perfectly

this February full moon
this eclipse, this comet

That's enough now.
No more. No comment.

- adp, 10 February 2017 @ 11:41am/12:06pm [?]

This is my Week 8 therealljidol entry for the topic: No Comment.
Tags: poetry & prose

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