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Wednesday, October 12th, 2016.
My appointments are done and surgery is on Friday. I will be phoning the hospital tomorrow to find out what time they want me to be there. There were some snags this week as my GP was not available to fill out the required form. I received a call from his office that they needed to cancel and make alternative arrangements with a doctor at the hospital. I learned that my doctor had been in a car accident and I'm just relieved that he's okay and I hope he takes whatever time he needs off to heal. I would have liked to see him because this is a significant thing for me to go through but it's just the timing. Then I wondered if I'd ever get a call back from the gyno because I had some questions and only she could answer them. The doctor I saw at the hospital this afternoon who filled out the form in lieu of my GP was gracious enough to look up my ultrasound result and told me that from the looks of it there was a 9cm fibroid in my uterus. When speaking with my gyno, she said it was on top of the uterus - which goes with what I was told years ago when I lived in Toronto, after the first blood transfusion when an ultrasound and other tests were done. No cysts on the ovaries now though, apparently! That's good news because my gyno would like to keep those intact, although she'll be removing everything else, I think. It will be an abdominal hysterectomy and she'll be making a horizontal incision. I will not be having laparoscopic surgery. Longer recovery time but maybe I'll feel extra better when I'm all better. (i hope)

Sunday is when I started excessively bleeding again - and that's an understatement of the gruesome scenes - with this continuing through today. It slowed now and then as though to get my hopes up that I could go out and about but no, I'd start bleeding again before too long. I had a reprieve today before my bath and afterward, while I was waiting at the hospital. It waited until I got home but I could feel the twisting and cramping, knowing that it would start up again. It's been painful and exhausting these last few days. If I needed a reminder as to why I should get the hysterectomy (as if trying medication, an i.u.d. and receiving three blood transfusions weren't reason enough!) well, this week has reassured me that I've got to get this done.

The sooner I do it, the sooner I get through it. I want to feel better.

6:16pm Yes, back in total bleed mode. When I was on the phone with the gyno earlier, she had asked if I had any of the Tranexamic acid pills left - and yes, in fact, I did keep them in the cupboard for some reason, unused, since 2014, the time of blood transfusions and then getting the i.u.d. put in. She told me to take two of the pills every 8 hours and that while it won't stop the bleeding, it may slow it down. She'd like my levels to stay above 100 for the surgery on Friday. Apparently, yes, I have gone down about 10 points since blood was taken on Friday and this afternoon when I was at the hospital to see the fill-in GP. I told him that I had been bleeding since Sunday and so he requested blood taken again so they could see if there was a change. This number is still much higher than it was when I needed the blood transfusions before but I'm losing a lot of blood. I probably needed a blood transfusion much sooner and more of them over the years when I went through this unattended by a specialist.

At this time, I'm thirsty and in pain. I'll be in pain after surgery as well but at least I won't be going through this anymore. Still strange that I didn't throw out those pills. I don't keep old medications around. If I'm done with a med, I usually return it to the doctor and he disposes of them. I don't hoard medications. The gyno said something to the affect of maybe I knew that I'd need them again. Yes, maybe that could be. Considering how much I've been through with this, how much blood I've seen, maybe I kept it just in case. Or because I knew the problem hadn't gone away. I didn't find these tablets to be all that effective with my problem (hence why we went the i.u.d. route) but they likely help a little, or better than nothing at all. I've got to make it to surgery on Friday.

6:28pm That metal smell. I don't forget things like this.

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