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less than a week to go

Saturday, October 8th, 2016.
This is being typed on nettie the netbook! I finally plugged her back in and although a bit dusty, she continues to be the perfect machine for computer writing. I wanted to see if I could set it up again because November is the month of writing - NaNoWriMo! - and I intend to be using my netbook for much of the writing, if I'm not typing with my iMac. Either one will do but I want the option to switch it up. This little computer has done well by me for many years. It needs a good cleaning but other than that, it's great. To think I used to balance this thing on a tambourine and use it as my main (and only) computer for all the internet things.

1:25pm It's beautiful outside today. I want to go for a bicycle ride or a walk at some point. Right now, I want to write instead. I was thinking that an evening bike ride would be nice. I got a couple photos of the pretty day from the balcony view. My instagram is full of cats and balcony sky and that's pretty much it. Ah well, that's my life as it is at the moment.

On Wednesday I went to the hospital to get the ultrasound done. The gyno wanted to see what there is to see prior to the surgery. I told her that the last time I had one done (way back in Toronto after the first blood transfusion) that cysts had been found on my ovaries and a fibroid pressing down on my uterus. Who knows what is there now - maybe nothing, maybe something. The other thing that the gyno requested was an internal ultrasound. I hadn't expected that but it was presented to me as an option if I wasn't comfortable with it but I want the gyno (who will also be my surgeon) to have as much information as she needs seeing as how she's going to be removing parts of my insides. How much and what exactly is determined based on what the specialist sees in the results of the tests and during the procedure itself.

Friday was the pre-admit appointment. I was told it'd be more of an info session. Because I'll be staying at least one night, swabs were taken to test for superbugs, whether I'm a carrier or not, for the safety of others. That meant a swab of the nose and (oh god it's a good thing they don't warn you about this) but also one of my butt - not inside but it was still not a pleasant experience. I hope the person is paid enough money to do that job. I'd walk out saying, "NOPE!" if it were me. But it had to be done. I was weighed and my height was measured. Turns out I've lost about five pounds in the last week or so. That's good! I have a long way to go but it's nice to see the number going down. If I could lose a bit more before surgery next Friday, that would be a relief for me because it would help, even if only a little bit.

From what I was told, it will be an abdominal hysterectomy. Depending on the condition of my ovaries, whether they are covered in cysts or whatever, I'll either get to keep one or both of them or I won't. The gyno specialist / surgeon is going to speak briefly with me before I go under for the operation so perhaps I'll be told then what will be happening. Or when I'm conscious enough to be told, then I'll know. I'm signing off for her to do whatever she has to because of my history with bleeding and such. My temperature was taken and my blood pressure (it was running a bit high because I was feeling quite anxious) but I don't usually have any blood pressure issues. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I don't consume meat or dairy (and haven't since mid-February) so I think those are good things working in my favour. The downside is my weight but larger people than myself have had this surgery done. My expected recovery time is going to be longer because of it being the abdominal surgery but hopefully I pay attention to everything the nurses tell me when I'm in the hospital so that I can do my best to heal well when I'm at home. Husband will only be able to help me for a week. I'm concerned about the changing of the dressing on the wound and where exactly the wound will be, how I'll handle that - but I should probably not think about that right now.

On the 12th is my GP pre-op appointment where my doctor will be filling out a form for the surgeon. The appointment was delayed and rescheduled because he was sick for awhile there. Surgery is on Friday the 14th. I'm supposed to call the day before to get the time that I'm supposed to be at the hospital. Husband and I will be taking a taxi there. Then whatever day I'm released, I'll have to take a cab back home. Blah.

2:15pm It is good that I will be having this hysterectomy done but that doesn't make it any less scary.

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