goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

Top Five 2015 YouTube videos

There is most definitely a theme with this year's most viewed videos / vlogs from my YouTube channel. It turns out that making vlogs about one's paper journals is most interesting to other people who also keep the old tradition going. The first video in this list has over 2,000 views! But the reason why these are the Top 5 for 2015 is the most "Watch time (minutes)" which doesn't necessarily equate to most views on a vlog. A couple NaNoWriMo vlogs would have made the top five if I switched to "Views" or "Total estimated earnings" - it's interesting to me how much preference people had for these types of videos over all the other kinds that I do!

1. my blank journal collection! [Link]

2. my paper journal collection! [Link]

3. my paper journal collection! (Part 2) [Link]

4. my paper journal collection! (Part 3) [Link]

5. All About My Journals Tag [Link]
Tags: embodiment, videos & vlogs, year in review

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