goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

critique out of nowhere

I received this comment last night on a Flickr photo I took 8 years ago:

Robert Gorden *
This was a good self portrait Amber. Now if you could only resist the temptation to shoot boring pictures of pets, family and landscapes that will be at best as interesting as picture postcards.

You are blessed with some creative vision. You might want to explore it.

* This person has no public photos, Flickr account only since June 2015 and I have no idea who it is - wtf?

I'm just taking pictures of my life, as it goes, as I feel like it, of what I see, how I see it at the time. If it's not artsy enough for you, there's plenty more other photostreams to swim in.

I would have taken this as complimentary criticism / encouragement if it hadn't been for the fact that they basically were saying to stop taking photos of my life. Try harder? When I'm dealing with things, if I manage to take a photo at all, that's an accomplishment.

On a related note, many of my photos are liked on we heart it. Maybe it's just the place for "picture postcard" photo appreciation --- and what's wrong with that, eh?
Tags: review me

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