goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

my paper journal collection!

Diary #1 through Journal #24 [Link]
This video was difficult for me to vlog. While I'm not one to discard my old diaries and journals, I try not to look back at them if at all possible.

Journal #25 through Journal #30 [Link]
Anxiety medication kicked in enough that I wasn't a complete spaz in this video, hooray!

In this video, I read a few excerpts here and there, shared thoughts about what I was reading (but couldn't read out loud) and reaffirmed to myself that I truly do love paper journaling.

Journal #31 to Journal #35 [Link]
I'm all caught up in showing my paper journal collection now! Currently writing in Journal #36 at the time I made this vlog.
Tags: embodiment, videos & vlogs

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