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May 5th: new neighbour!
It felt like forever to hear back about whether JB got the job or not (she'd gone through the interview / testing on a Friday) but she heard back on the 29th of April that she was hired and also got the new apartment she wanted (South facing) on the same day. She left to visit family but came back on the 30th to sign the lease and get the keys to her new place for the 1st of May. When she returned from visiting family on the 5th, I took this photo. btwfyi, the hallway carpets are going to be changed this summer. I'm curious as to what pattern it will be. It was this exact carpet when I lived here in the 2000's. I hope it will be a nice change. So yes, not only is my friend in the same building, it turns out we're on the same floor. Awesome.
New neighbour!

06 May 2015: First bicycle ride of the year.
First bicycle ride of the year.

I didn't take many photos. I was concentrating too much on where we were going and getting there and whatnot. The next time I take a long bike ride, I'll take more photos. Another thing that bugged me was that I didn't press start to 'map my ride' for the first part of our bicycle adventure. At least 10km or more went unrecorded, sigh! I started it from where we stopped for ice cream - at Shaw's outside of town, about halfway to Port Stanley. At least I got the route going home but I know it took us less time, especially since we took a more direct route home.

Pinafore Park


365 Days (2015): Day 126
Wicker (abandoned / for sale)

Just Keep Walking

07 May 2015: That time we rode our bicycles to Mac's for frosters.

Pekoe and Vincent are getting big! <3
Pekoe and Vincent

08 May 2015: The day JB had to leave again. (But she'll be back!)

JB and me on her balcony.
365 Days (2015): Day 128


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