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on writing: the process

My answers to a post by decemberthirty called: "Let's talk about the process."

Do you do creative work of any kind--writing, art-making, crafting, music, some combination of all of these, or any other sort of activity that you consider creative?
I write. I also like to take photos (who doesn't these days, eh?) and I enjoy making vlogs (not very good ones, but I've dabbled in this for many years) but my main focus (or what I want it to be) is on the writing.

Do you do it for pay, or for your own fulfillment?
I write because I have always felt the need to do so. When I don't write for long periods of time, I get restless and I don't feel right. I would love to be able to earn money for the things I enjoy doing - photography, writing & so forth - but I know that I haven't put in quite enough time and effort to make that a thing. Also, I always seem to stop just shy of "going for it" with a way of procrastinating, self-defeatism and lacking in the confidence to really put it all out there. So, I would say that I do it for my own fulfillment but I don't know that I could ever feel fulfilled. That's why I write, too.

Do you work on any kind of a schedule? Just in your spare time? Whenever inspiration strikes?
I had a schedule where I wrote my posts (when I was doing the daily practice of meeting a certain word goal) usually in the last hour before midnight or so. I prefer to write at night or when it is most quiet. When it comes to poetry - something I would honestly like to have the guts to write more often - I seem to only do that when inspiration strikes. But that isn't true. I think of poems often but I don't write them down. I'm much too afraid for someone who wants to write / be a writer, eh? I do hope I outgrow this soon.

Where do you like to work?
I write at my computer desk. I prefer typing on my outdated netbook but I'm getting used to using my main computer now. I like writing in my paper journal there, too. However, I like to imagine myself writing in libraries, in coffee shops --- but I don't at this time. I remember how I took both a laptop and my paper journal with me when I traveled to Italy and for over two weeks I didn't write a word. So many places I could have written at that would have been inspiring! I seem to deny myself those pleasures. So, I like to work at my desk with my bookshelves around me.

Are there things you like to do to help yourself get started, or to facilitate the work?
Turn on the music or turn it off. I can't read with music playing anymore but I can still write - sometimes. It depends on what I'm writing about. I certainly can't revise with music on. I prefer silence then. I get a mug of tea or coffee or something to drink and I put it nearby but not close enough that hopefully I won't have a spill. (It happens sometimes.) I think that writing with a deadline (for instance, get my words done before midnight) helps me to write. But I would like to learn better discipline - to sit down and write (and work at it - whether it be a poem or a post) and I'd like to set better hours for it - even if it's still at night. One of the things that has helped me to keep on track most of the time has been keeping a monthly sheet where I check off my goals on a daily basis. Making writing or whatever things I have decided is important for me to work on and being able to check it off each day has helped me to not only follow through but to feel like I've accomplished something as well. It's probably the best idea I've had so far when it comes to my writing and I can only wish I'd thought of it sooner!

What are your biggest obstacles?
Myself. I have always been my worst critic, my most fierce enemy, my own setback. I allow things to get to me, to deter me, to discourage me from writing. I deny myself success for fear of failure.
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