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Who are you? My name is amber dawn. Thirty-six years old until July. Married since November 2013. Unexpected return to my hometown after living in Toronto for a few years. Three cats. Stay at home something or another.

What do you like about livejournal? It's where I put all my stuff. It's been my homepage since 2001. I like it here.

Is your journal public, friends only, or a little of both? Public. I also write in a paper journal but for the most part, whatever I have on my mind, I'm (mostly) able to share on my LJ. Not like I did when I was in my '20s, mind you, but I write fairly openly. I suppose I've become more discreet as I've become older but only about some things.

How often do you update your livejournal? These days, every day. I've been participating in the 750 words daily challenge and I post that into my LJ. I'm writing lots of words. Also, I tend to post tons of photos sometimes. I don't use the lj-cut. I know this is a divisive topic but my point of view is that people scroll past way more crap on Facebook than they do if they're following people on LJ. If you're someone who doesn't like long wordy entries or tons of photos, it's okay to not add me. Or to add me and then remove me if it annoys you. I'm okay with the unfriending thing without any drama. Not everyone is everybody's cup of tea. Or coffee. Or what-have-you.

How often do you check your friends feed? I look at it every day. I will confess here that I am not a super-duper commenter. This does not mean that I am not reading what you have to say but I honestly don't know what to say sometimes to people's posts - even (very) long-time friends who still happen to post. But I am reading and if I've neglected to comment on something you wanted me to say something to, please feel free to message me and point it out. This goes both ways - I don't expect comments from people just because they are on my friends list. It's a delight when it happens but it's not a requirement to be my LJ friend.

What are some good things that happened to you in the past 12 months? The first thing that comes to mind is a bad thing - that the Lion cat died - & then I remember that I also had two blood transfusions last year. HOWEVER, good things happened in the past year, too. There was Poetry Night in February. My birthday was pretty good with an early morning bicycle ride (photo heavy). Also, overall, I'm sharing a settled down and fortunate life with my husband.

What do you think will happen to you in 2015? Husband and I are traveling overseas to Scotland & Ireland at the end of March. It will be our second time going out of the country! Other things that will happen will be that I'll continue to work on my daily goals to improve myself and work toward what I hope to achieve and who I want to be. I'm also likely to have surgery this year.

What do you like to write about? I write about myself. I write about what happens in my daily life. I share thoughts about things that matter to me. I make vlogs and voice posts sometimes. Taking photos are another way I express myself.

Any quirky obsessions or extremist views you want to warn people about? A quick look at my profile will show you some of the things I'm interested in but I tend to write more about how I'm feeling or what I'm focusing on specifically in that moment when I'm writing. I have anxiety, am a bit of an agoraphobic recluse, struggle with weight issues (which could be triggering for some with how I write about it) and while I am very open to other people's points of view that differ from mine, I know who I am and what I believe - even the fact that it is all in flux.

Link to a couple random entries from the last 3 months that people might check out first:
(02 January 2015) and so we dived under, into dreams, explorers of our subconscious selves, to rise
(18 January 2015) the meaning(s) of compass
(08 February 2015) The answer to everything.

anything else we should know? I'm shy about adding people but if you add me, I'll most likely add you back unless you post hateful or extreme stuff that freaks me out.

Thanks for taking a look & long live LiveJournal!
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