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A Day in the Life [19 February 2015]

This is my first time attempting a Day in the Life post. (psst, over here!) I'm used to taking lots of photos but when doing it to document a single day, whew, this was a workout! It was a good experience though and I'm looking forward to trying it again sometime.

* This post won 2nd place! (see here) Hooray!

12:23am on Skype with my Dad after I was done editing my LJ post that I finished before midnight.

1:17am I wash the dishes at strange hours of the night.

3:18am I also have bubble baths at odd hours.

4:31am Husband is awake. He leaves for work in a couple hours.

5:13am what I am looking at when I lay down to go to bed.
Memories from our honeymoon. Time for me to get some sleep.

11:35am mixing teas

Realized I had forgotten to show my morning routine. Toothpaste and deodorant. Fancy!

daily goals checklist: I started doing this in August and it seems to be working for me!

tea time!

11:54am balcony view photos: for weeks at a time, this is the furthest outside I get, unfortunately.

That being said, I'm thinking of Spring! I want to ride my bicycle. I hope I do.

Filing cabinet delivered today. some assembly required.

12:23pm Watching YouTube - 'Kids in the Hall' clips.

Start of paper journal entry for today.

12:49pm Re-listening to 'Morning Phase' album by Beck.

12:53pm vincent & pekoe! we adopted them on the 6th of January from a shelter.

Writing in the 'passion pages paper journal' that I share with my husband.

Miss Kitty Meow!

I love listening to music. Really enjoying Jessica Pratt's album 'On Your Own Love Again' recently.

Break from reading to chat on whatsapp.

Going outside. I'm a bit of an agoraphobic recluse and experience anxiety so this was kind of a big deal for me.

Took the stairs.

2:46pm The outside world through the back door window.

Gazebo is a work in progress.

The hardest part is over: going outside. Next step: get across the street.

3:04pm I went to the bank to deposit my pay. Also went to metro (grocery store) but didn't take photos.

Homeward bound.

365 Days (2015): Day 50

New case arrived for my phone. fan of vincent van gogh and doctor who - can you tell?

Watched the trilogy of films for the first time this past year and loved them so much.

'The Dead Files' - one of the few various paranormal type shows that I like.

5:05pm Husband arrives home from work and he picked up some of those pizzas that were on sale (bonus airmiles!)

Husband is putting delicious garlic on his pizza. I am liquid fasting.

7:33pm Blue hour balcony view.

Husband is listening to something on YouTube (there's Meg Turney!) while he assembles the filing cabinet.

My friend Shannon Bo Bannon had her birthday today! We chatted on Skype for awhile. She's living in Morocco!

He's good at following instructions for assembling stuff. He does a good job!

New filing cabinet beside my desk, woot!

9:57pm Calm has been restored to the household.

Something I ordered on Valentine's Day from House of Anansi. Lovely reminder on the bedroom door.

Gotta write my words!

10:18pm Husband goes to bed.

Officially fasted over 24 hours. Again.

Completed 750 words for the day - and then some!

Completed all my daily goals before midnight, woot!

Last photo for DITL (19 February 2015) So relieved to be finished. It's exhausting to do, eh?
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