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Birthday Recap (in pictures)

25 July 2014: It was my birthday so I took a morning bicycle ride in St. Thomas through old neighbourhoods. Took photos along the way. Finished the day off with supper at Bella Jack's with my Dad (who wore the sombrero hat for me) and a short stroll in Pinafore Park.
--> Map My Ride Map (14.41km)

28 July 2014: made a voice post (that currently won't embed itself into an LJ post, d'oh!) Let's Talk About Me Now? Rambling update about WSIB, mental health & how I celebrated my recent birthday.

My bicycle ride received some interesting feedback...

Jumbo #sttont "Near this site..." My hometown is known for killing an elephant with a railway locomotive.

CHLI Bargain Store

June Rose Callwood Public School

June Rose Callwood Public School

Edward Street & Alma Street
bicycle on cracked pavement

Scott Street Public School FOR SALE
Scott Street School

2 The Future

Talbot Street
St. Thomas - Elgin Public Art Centre
Talbot Street & New Street
shadow self portrait on bicycle
The Jumbo statue that you see when coming up the hill to enter the city that killed him. #sttont
365 Days (2014): Day 206

Old St. Thomas Church
Elgin County Courthouse
1817: St. Thomas named after an "eccentric & authoritarian" man, "patrician in his manner & conservative in his views" #sttont
Wellington Block

St. Thomas City Hall

Welcome to Downtown St. Thomas

corner of Talbot Street & Flora Street & Ross Street
construction where Ross Street bridge used to be.
Canada Southern Railway Station

Wellington Street
abandoned Ramada
First Avenue & Wellington Street

In the evening, Dad & Laurel took me out for supper at Bella Jack's.
Hepburn Parkette
Hepburn Parkette
Hepburn Parkette
Talbot Street
Talbot Street
Bella Jack's Mexican Cantina
The Dad wore the sombrero for me during my Happy Birthday song! Awesome!Bella Jack's on my birthday

Brief stroll in Pinafore Park through The Memory Garden.

Carr's Bridge

"Circle of Life" sculpture by Peter Robson

Pinafore Park

[25 July 2014 / St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada]
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