goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

went for a walk & talk last night.

Fiona, a neighbour & friend of mine, asked me to go for a walk with her last night. I pushed myself to get dressed and made myself go upstairs to her place to get us outside before the sun was going to set - and before I could talk myself out of going. We took our time, walking & talking, taking photos of whatever we saw along the way. According to Map My Walk, we walked 2.64 km before stopping somewhere for a bit, then we walked another 3.66 km on the way back home. Not bad for the start of my "i need to get active or else i won't be ready for surgery" summer. Even if we didn't exert ourselves much, it was healthy to get out there in the evening air.

Look at that creature cloud in the distance! Fiona noticed it.

Ha, it was me who looked down and noticed the mushrooms in the grass.
She looks up & I look down. Between us, we had polar perspectives covered.
mushroom in the grass

reflection of an abandoned shopping cart. (ART!)
reflection of an abandoned shopping cart

Fiona noticed this- the way the wood was hollowed out - cool.

big & beautiful dandelion! I spotted this one! So lovely!
dandelion (make a wish)

Another good find by Fiona:
Detour signs from when roadwork was done on that section of Talbot Street.
Signs just tossed into the long grass beside the road. Detour to nowhere.

Briwood Farm Market
Talbot Street
C & Z Auto

Bowling 5 Pin

The rest of the photos are later after the sun had fully set and after the break between walks. I tried to capture the supermoon with my camera but I didn't have a steady hand for it. That's okay because at least I saw it and I had fun with the blur of the lights. You can also see the historic Canada Southern Railway Station and the Elgin County Railway Museum in the distance, along with desire lines in the grass. Seeing the pathways people have made throughout the city over gravel and grass endears me to my hometown for some reason.

oh, the massive moon!
low luminescent yellow
friends walk long way home

I'm thankful that I had a friend to walk with last night.
Wish me luck in getting outside more - I'm gonna need it!

[13 July 2014 / St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada]
Tags: poetry & prose
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