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G is for Great Poets

There is a community on LJ called 'I Eat Poetry' (great poets) and it is (or was) wonderful.

In my earlier years of posting regularly in my LJ, I would often share poems that I happened across that felt relevant to me at the time and I would crosspost them into greatpoets. It was a wonderful way to share my love for poetry and I'm happy to see that, although not as active as it was years ago, it still exists and has updates. It has an extensive archive from the years when LJ was busybusybusy and if you love poetry, you'd likely enjoy browsing the site. Yes, it's "an el-jay" but like many of the communities that were active in their day, it can be a fantastic resource.

These days, I enjoy reading (& highly recommend) #todayspoem on Twitter.

G is also for...
I could have made this post about Glencoe (Ontario) where I lived and worked for several years. The place where I had my first full-time job at the age of 16, one month before I turned 17, in an auto assembly factory that manufactured fluid handling systems (brakelines) for the Big 3 automakers (back when such a thing used to exist in Canada).

But I really don't want to go back there.

Still, it was a significant part of my life and I wouldn't be where I am now, I wouldn't have experienced all that I have in the years since, if it had not been for that decision to work there for a summer (a summer that lasted over a decade) and so here are two photos of that place that molded my younger years.

These first two pictures are drive-by's taken in January 2005.

The name of the factory changed frequently.
You can find it located right before the Glencoe population sign.
ITT Industries

The farm right beside it.
We'd pick plastic bags & assembly parts out of his field from time to time.
21 January 20050002

& I found these photos from July 2004.

Factory & Field 31 July 20040005
Factory & Field 31 July 20040003
Factory & Field 31 July 20040002
Factory & Field 31 July 20040001

Sidenote: I wrote a lot of poetry in my Glencoe years. Bad, bad poetry.

Also, my first long-term significant relationship was with a man named Guy. So G could have been for Guy but that was many lifetimes ago. I was so young! I am now the age he was when he met me. We had a 15 year age gap between us. Incredible.

This post makes me feel like I've lived several timelines and different lives.

This post is for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.
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