goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: of protests going somewhere

of protests going somewhere

And whenever men and women straighten
their backs up, they are going somewhere,
because a man can't ride your back unless
it is bent.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

the gap has widened between the haves &
have-nots, the ridiculously wealthy & the
rest of us - to such a length that we are at

a point; a tipping one

only now, such injustice has extended
beyond racial lines, border crossings &
#firstworldproblems: water is not safe

from greedy violent hands

that hold us down, cover mouths and
play slight to distract us from all that
is being taken, ruined for kin, a future

that we will not have unless

it is decided by the people, for the people,
not a corporation or the rich men's fortune
or the puppets in their pockets who will play

slight to distract us from all that

we can see or not, the changes now, to come -
to not bend down or over anymore, or fight in
wars that aren't ours, we will not stand for this

but we can stand for ourselves, one another

for this earth (our Mother), for our children -
a place to live, quality of life, for some peace,
purpose and a room to call our own, for us -

to have a place we will call our home
and to get there.

- adp, 05 April 2014 @ 11:20pm

This was my entry for LJ Idol - Week 4 Topic. Thank you for stopping by & taking a look! Vote - Week 4, (I'm in Tribe 5!)
Tags: poetry & prose

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