goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

"No one in Canada gives a flying f*** about the military"

They've canned the courses this year -- lack of money. As soon as we were pulling out of Afghanistan, I knew this would happen. No one in Canada gives a flying fuck about the military unless we're deployed. No one remembers that search and rescue, that domestic operations, that that stuff matters too. That if your stupid ass takes your sailboat out and gets lost, we come find you. That if your ten year old daughter runs away into the woods in 0-degree weather, we go find her. That if you have an ice storm that kills power for weeks, we come help. That when you're an idiot and live in a place where the river floods your houses every year, we come throw sandbags and keep your ass safe. So now we've lost 30% of our budget, and I'm stuck. Stuck in [place undisclosed]. I'm a little bitter this week, and the mood is definitely shared at work.

- taken from an ANON friend's blog post (with permission)
Tags: excerpts

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