goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

another celebrity dream guest starring Tom Selleck

I had a lot going on in my dreams last night. Some of the highlights:

- There was something underneath my skin of my hand/wrist/arm and I needed to go to the hospital.

- The hospital was not very nice and didn't feel that I was an urgent case so I was put to the bottom of the waiting list which meant a very long wait.

- While waiting it was suddenly a bar and Tom Selleck was there and he started talking with me. I fell off the chair and he still liked me and I told him of how I was waiting like the other people in emerge. Of course, I just had to let him know that I used to watch his show and so we both started singing the tune of the theme song Remember Magnun P.I.? and a day later I was still waiting to be seen at the hospital - all this waiting just to have a nurse look at it and no treatment - and I remember a field flooded with water and I fell in it but swam and Tom was there again when Ron Howard drove up probably inspired by an episode of "The Simpsons" in a pick up truck and fell in the water too but Tom helped him up. Later the nurse mentioned me and Tom talking the night before and said he was married. He hadn't mentioned that to me but that's okay. Change of scenery, some sort of gathering with a crowd of people dressed up sitting outside in chairs. A few rows up was Tom's wife (not reality, I don't know his status) and his daughter, a young girl - they were both beautiful and I told Tom that. (Bub-bye Tom)

- I remember walking down a street and then I see this old church or was it a school? and the doors were open. It was raining inside the lobby or foyer on the old wood. I looked to the side and although distorted by wooden beams (old wood rotting) there were people praying or being taught - when suddenly a large man looking all official (at first he seemed to be a priest but then looked like a businessman? - and he made me turn around and everything was different. The buildings were like the uptown of a city, expensive, cold and huge buildings with people getting out of limos approaching and I accidentally knocked over the line up poles-with-ropes (?) and couldn't get them back up - I was still hurt, my hand and arm - and I was given a dirty look by a woman who set them back up for the man who got out of the car.

- I'm on a bridge and Doug is approaching me. Doug is a real life co-worker who fathered a baby with a close friend of mine at the time a few years agos ago but he was jealous of our friendship, hated me and after an episode the friendship ended but that's in the past and I don't shake when I see him at work anymore but at the same time that friendship is forever lost - and as he gets near me I'm worried because I don't know what he is going to do but he simply hands me a piece of paper and walks on. The paper is a note from Gwen. It has her phone number on it and says something and all is forgiven. The wind catches the paper and takes it off the bridge from me. I was devastated with my carelessness and the loss yet again.

- Earlier in the dream before all the above when I first noticed my hand and what was beneath the skin clearly stretching it out, I was asking for a ride to the hospital. I remember co-worker Lynne driving me there but she also had other people in the van that I know from work - like Laura - and they wanted to make stops at places and I'm thinking, 'hello, emergency here, something beneath my skin, stretching and tearing it" but not those exact words, just that feeling.

- And earlier on in the dream back in the hospital/bar (now that's a concept, eh?) Tom Selleck started playing the harmonica - my dad bought me a harmonica and a mini-one that was on a necklace and I've been playing with both for awhile now in real life so this is probably why it showed up in the dream - and so there is Tom Selleck playing the harmonica in the bar/hospital and it drew attention to us - which is why that nurse made mention of it later - and then this old man on the other side of me started playing a harmonica too and other people sang and played spoons and that sort of thing - and it was a song that I knew because I sang along but I couldn't remember what it was upon waking.
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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