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That time I didn't get to see the Blue Grotto.

Sorrento, Capri, Anacapri, a set on Flickr.

I'm almost caught up with my photos from the honeymoon. Just the last bit of Rome to go (we returned there after an overnight stay in Sorrento and a day trip to Capri & Anacapri) and then I will be done with it, I promise!

Ah, Sorrento. I honestly only saw it as we traveled to the hotel. The hotel wasn't named in the paperwork so we had no idea where we were going for the night. The bus was driven persistently up winding hills and around dangerous curves, the sea to the right of us, steep cliffs, villages or towns we'd pass through wondering if this was where we'd stay? No, still higher up, further and further.

So many interesting places along the way! But we wouldn't get a chance to wander anywhere. Arrived in the evening at the hotel. It had a spectacular view (but I still preferred the balcony in Venice!) and we overlooked the water though all we could see were lights below. In the morning we'd get a great look at just how beautiful the location was - the only downside was our bathroom had a flickering light and the staff didn't care because this was the end of the tourist season for them.

We had dinner that night in the hotel restaurant with the same impressive view. I eavesdropped on the animated conversation of the people sitting beside us, having to stop myself from laughing when something particularly funny was said.

The volcano was clearly visible the next morning and the sunrise was lovely. Our tour began with a stop in Sorrento where they took us to Notturno, an inlaid wood works factory. Much of the pieces were gorgeous but expensive. I found a gift for one of the persons who took care of the cats while we were away and I bought a music box that was perfect to hold my wedding band and engagement ring. I keep it on the fireplace in the living room and if you hear music, it means I'm either setting out to go somewhere or I've just returned home.

After that stop to help with the local economy, we were off to catch a boat to Capri! This part excited me because I was looking forward to seeing the famous Blue Grotto! Imagine the photographs I could take in there! To my disappointment, it was closed. The charming tourist guide (thank goodness he was so personable) explained that perhaps only 30 percent of the time do people ever get to go there. It all depends on the water conditions and if the water isn't calm, it's a no go. The little boats might hit against the rock of the cave. This is as much upsetting to the ones who depend on the business of selling a ride through the Blue Grotto - they don't get paid that day if the man who has the say, says no way. I understood and in fact, felt a little better after being told that it wouldn't matter what time of the year I visited, that this could happen any time, but of course I was still disappointed. Who wouldn't be?

However, for ten euros, one could get on a different boat with a bunch of people and go see the entrance. I would rather not. I think that would make me feel even worse about not being able to go in. So we waited around and took some photos along the edge of the sea, there in Capri.

After that, our guide took us up to Anacapri. We were given time to wander on our own but my feet were tired and I didn't explore as much as I had in previous places. My husband and I sat at a table drinking cappuccinos in a place that is quite popular in the summer. Apparently, famous people like to gather there and watch one another - it's a square with restaurants that have seating out front of each. Above, I could see men hanging strings of lights and I imagine the place looks quite pretty at night. I was glad the place wasn't busy because I think it would be a bit awkward to sit around pretending that you're not there to be looked at by other people who want to be seen ---- then again, I've lived in Toronto and can understand the concept, having seen that behaviour a few times.

We were provided with another meal but had some time before it so the two of us headed for the chair lift that would take us up, up, up to a high point where we'd be able to take photos of the view. It was fun, like a very slow amusement ride, and we passed over people's gardens and a lot of greenery. It was worth it to separate from the group and breathe a bit. The water looked especially beautiful from so high above once we got to the top.

After returning to Sorrento, the two of us were picked up by private car to be driven back to a bus that was waiting in Pompeii (not in the ruins, but in the village) and from there we'd be uncomfortable on a bus all the way back to Rome that night.

At least we took comfort in knowing that we'd be in Rome for only two more nights and then we'd finally get to go home!

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