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Trip To Italy: The Twitter Edition

December 1st marks the one month anniversary of getting married and setting out on the trip to Italy. It also means I have lived back in my hometown for ONE YEAR as of today. One year ago, I left the beautiful beach/es of Toronto behind and reluctantly dragged my heels back to St. Thomas. I had no idea at that time all that would happen - but then again, we never do.

The time stamp is totally off by the time we left the country. Between the difference in hours from the timezones AND the "fall back" subtract an hour thing, nothing is correct, including my photographs - oops! & yes, this really bothers me because I tend to be a bit obsessive compulsive about these things but it's exhausting just to think of trying to figure it all out (math is not my strong suit) and I suppose it's not THAT important.

I tried to share a fair bit (though I seemed to share less & less as time went on. Truth is, right before seeing the ruins of Pompeii, I think we both were burnt out on all the traveling. The ruins reignited interest but then some happenings in Rome (I'll get into those later) made us decide to stay in the last bit and watch the news instead.

Another thing I didn't mention: how HORRIBLE it is to fly for the first time, for 10 hours, in economy! Thankfully, I had the window seat and we had no mishaps with the flight but why didn't anyone tell me how brutal it could be?!

There are still more photos to post - from Rome, Vatican City, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri - and I've started on the Rome ones but I'm taking a little bit of a break at the moment. I have to look at the ones from the time of TERRIBLE TOURIST GUIDE and I don't want to get myself angry all over again right now. I'll write about that in the upcoming Rome post.

As complain-y as this sounds, the trip truly was an adventure. I never thought I'd get to see such places. So much history built on top of the ruins of more history. So much to see from the houses on the sides of mountains to the many narrow streets that could blend from one city into another. It was amazing.

And exhausting.

Thank you to those who followed along with my Twitter in real time. For those who didn't get a chance or didn't feel like clicking over there, here are the posts in chronological order for you to scroll through. Many thanks again to everyone who shared the journey with us in this way!

On the train to Toronto @ VIA Rail - Train to Toronto
7:18 AM - 1 Nov 13

tried to catch the sunrise on mom's side of the @via_rail train this morning.
8:10 AM - 1 Nov 13

It was nice of them to let us check in so very early! @ The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto
10:00 AM - 1 Nov 13 from Toronto, Ontario

got married.
5:18 PM - 1 Nov 13 from Toronto, Ontario

The sister of the groom surprised us with candy apples of yummyness!
5:56 PM - 1 Nov 13

8:57 PM - 1 Nov 13

went through airport security for the first time in my life. It's like a whole other world on the other side.

Going to Italy tonight!
3:48 PM - 2 Nov 13

There's a place with the name of where I lived for several years in Toronto! #beachTO
3:52 PM - 2 Nov 13

If I lived here still, I'd be home already!
3:53 PM - 2 Nov 13

boarded a plane!
7:01 PM - 2 Nov 13

made it to Amsterdam. Got first stamps in passports!
1:52 AM - 3 Nov 13

View from hotel window. In Como. Exhausted from flight but this is gorgeous!
7:30 AM - 3 Nov 13 from Como, Como

Complimentary chocolates!
7:39 AM - 3 Nov 13

Thinking of Canada, in Italy. #books
11:48 AM - 3 Nov 13

Dinner was delicious! We appreciated it after a walk through the old streets.
2:13 PM - 3 Nov 13 from Como, Como

From a dock at Lake Como
2:44 PM - 3 Nov 13

Autumn in Italy
3:10 PM - 3 Nov 13

On Lake Como at night
3:32 PM - 3 Nov 13

On Lake Como at night
3:34 PM - 3 Nov 13

3:08 AM - 4 Nov 13

A bit ago - way up high - what a view!
5:57 AM - 4 Nov 13

took the funicolare and then walked a very steep and bendy way to get this view.
5:59 AM - 4 Nov 13

Selfie on long walk through Brunate!
6:07 AM - 4 Nov 13

I'm on a boat!

Ok, inside a boat.
9:20 AM - 4 Nov 13 from Como, Como

never could have imagined experiencing Autumn in Italy.
11:01 AM - 4 Nov 13 from Como, Como

Self serve cigarette machine. I can remember when Canada used to have a version of this when I was a kid!
11:09 AM - 4 Nov 13

One of the best mixed salads I have ever had.
1:52 PM - 4 Nov 13

First time having dessert in Italy. Mine is chocolate pudding! @ Bar Delle Terme
2:29 PM - 4 Nov 13

developed an appreciation for the cappuccino today.
2:44 PM - 4 Nov 13

This photo shows me walking up through Brunate and to am elevation of nearly 900m. Burned a lot of calories!
5:08 PM - 4 Nov 13

Leaving Hotel to take leisurely stroll to train station. Bye, Lake Como!
3:16 AM - 5 Nov 13

loved walking the Old City the first night and going up to the lighthouse for the view.
3:19 AM - 5 Nov 13 from Como, Como

Another thing we don't have: dispenser of condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, etc! outside a pharmacy.
3:22 AM - 5 Nov 13

Waiting for train to Venice in Milan. This train station is beautiful!
6:16 AM - 5 Nov 13

Venice has blown my mind. Also, this is our congratulations from the hotel! Lovely!
10:13 AM - 5 Nov 13 from Venice, Venice

Oh you know, just standing about in freaking Venice! @ Piazza San Marco
11:14 AM - 5 Nov 13

Last night on a bridge in Venice after a walk through a maze of streets.
12:52 AM - 6 Nov 13

Tide coming in today - rising - and it's awesome to see.
4:42 AM - 6 Nov 13 from Venice, Venice

Cappuccino on balcony of our hotel room after a four hour walk through Venice.
7:08 AM - 6 Nov 13

finished a walking tour. High tide is increasing and looks cool.
7:09 AM - 6 Nov 13

last night: wandering the maze of streets in Venice (photo by husband)
9:02 AM - 6 Nov 13

wandered past streets with colourful clothelines.
11:00 AM - 6 Nov 13

arrived in Florence this afternoon. Missing Venice but this is quite the view, eh? (from earlier)
12:09 PM - 7 Nov 13 from Florence, Florence

Observation: Italy really loves Nutella.
2:46 PM - 7 Nov 13

From up here.
4:09 AM - 8 Nov 13

feels later than it actually is in the evenings.
11:36 AM - 8 Nov 13

Aside from multiple daily panic and anxiety attacks, I'm having a good time. It is good to see different places, people and things.
2:07 PM - 8 Nov 13

My dreamscapes now: pedestrian bridges over water, narrow streets & alleys, old cobblestone where people walk & talk in another language.
10:07 PM - 8 Nov 13

MapMyWalk calories burned section was ridiculously wrong because I entered my lbs weight number as kg. Reality check = disappointing.
10:49 PM - 8 Nov 13

Blah, it just started to pour in Florence.
3:53 AM - 9 Nov 13

Lots of people have been photographing these cars.
5:19 AM - 9 Nov 13

Leaves and water
9:22 AM - 9 Nov 13

First wine tasting at Castello del Trebbio!
10:30 AM - 9 Nov 13 from Pontassieve, Florence

Ready to leave Florence. Next: train to Rome.

I'm a long way from home.
4:07 AM - 10 Nov 13

Shelter from some rain in Rome.
9:53 AM - 10 Nov 13

stumbled upon a monument.
1:04 PM - 10 Nov 13

Last night during a wandering walk in Rome. We're likely to be shown this again on a guided tour.
9:53 PM - 10 Nov 13

The mosquitos of Florence ravaged me. My arms especially. Ow.
1:43 AM - 11 Nov 13

Raining in Rome. Aggressive umbrella sellers flood the block. 3, 4, 5 tell me to buy. I grumble and walk past gripping this blue umbrella.
7:20 AM - 12 Nov 13

From the other day in Rome.
7:24 AM - 12 Nov 13

From yesterday: chairs were set out in preparation for Papa Francesco who will speak on Wednesday.
8:15 AM - 12 Nov 13

visited Pompeii today!
10:28 AM - 13 Nov 13 from Pompei, Naples

Nighttime view from hotel in Sorrento. Gorgeous!
11:59 AM - 13 Nov 13

Today: daytrip to Capri and back to Rome tonight. One more day after that and we go home on Saturday!
12:53 AM - 14 Nov 13

Morning view in Sorrento.
12:57 AM - 14 Nov 13

Soon to go to Capri. Beautiful Bay of Naples.
3:24 AM - 14 Nov 13

3:29 AM - 14 Nov 13

Water too rough to do the Blue Grotto tour. So disappointed. But Nature says so.
4:32 AM - 14 Nov 13

Sad me.
4:59 AM - 14 Nov 13

After taking a chair lift way up high from Anacapri!
8:22 AM - 14 Nov 13

noticed protests recent days. Police were gathering in preparation today, helicopters in the air.
7:56 AM - 15 Nov 13 from Rome, Rome

Coverage of the protests with police out in riot gear on an Italian news station. They're saying not to go downtown unless it's important.
9:13 AM - 15 Nov 13

Oblivious November tourists wander about with their umbrellas buying magnets & postcards. Protests against unemployment, gov't cuts, etc.
9:17 AM - 15 Nov 13

It's not my country and not my politics but I can sympathize with the peaceful protesters. Times are hard for many everywhere.
9:20 AM - 15 Nov 13

This was interesting to see surrounded by streets, intersections, buildings and stores. Also, cats live there!
9:26 AM - 15 Nov 13

As curious as we are and as unique the vacation photos would be, we thought it best to stay out of trouble so we can go home tomorrow.
9:29 AM - 15 Nov 13

Ride to airport shows us so many places we didn't get to see during our time here. Streets that if we had only made a different turn - sigh!
5:51 AM - 16 Nov 13

The food & beverage team at the Westin Harbour Castle just brought us a lovely last honeymoon surprise!
10:23 PM - 16 Nov 13 from Toronto, Ontario

Lovely Lake Ontario. View from our hotel room before we make the final trek home.
7:13 AM - 17 Nov 13 from Toronto, Ontario

still immensely moved by this man.
10:47 AM - 17 Nov 13

returned home yesterday afternoon after an overnight in Toronto. The flight from Rome to Toronto took just over 9 hours.
4:11 AM - 18 Nov 13

The next morning, we took a train from Toronto to London that was about 3.5 hours (take the long way home?) and then a taxi to St. Thomas.
4:12 AM - 18 Nov 13

Our cats were well taken care of by friends in the building and they were happy to see us. I missed my kitties so much these past 2 weeks!
4:14 AM - 18 Nov 13

caught up on 'The Walking Dead' episodes. Only show we watched every day while we were away was the Rob Ford drama on the news overseas.
4:15 AM - 18 Nov 13

Good to be home with the Lion cat and Miss Kitty Meow. #cats
7:33 AM - 19 Nov 13
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