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Venice: place of dreams & nightmares

Venice, Italy
rio de ca foscari
venice graffiti

Venice, a set on Flickr.

Our second destination on our trip through Italy was Venice. What a place of wonder!

Being taken to the hotel by water taxi was a thrilling experience. By the time we arrived at the dock, it felt as though we'd already seen and been through Venice! There was so much to take in and we shared a moment of smiling at one another at the same time as we stood there at the back of the boat taking as much in as we could of the exotic surroundings.

Our hotel was lovely with a perfect balcony that we enjoyed the complimentary champagne on arrival and splurged on room service cappuccinos on our last morning there. As beautiful as the room was, we had to get outside to explore.

Along with a couple scheduled tours during our stay, we had more than enough time to wander about on our own. I loved taking photos there. One night we walked far to a bridge but if we had gone any further we wouldn't have made it back to our hotel room (sore, sore feet) but oh, I wish we could have walked all over that place. The repeated theme of not being able to see everything, of there not being enough time to go everywhere you want to - well, that was a feeling I'd have to get used to all throughout this trip. One can only do and see so much.

The thing that got me about Venice was the idea of it. The idea of how old it was, how much history was there, how it was built and rebuilt up and up on itself, how the people had to adjust according to the tides - high tide could mean flooding of streets, of not being able to transport underneath many bridges - that thought of how the Adriatic Sea formed the history and affects the future of this place interested me very much.

It also haunted me. I believe I remembered the first nightmare that I woke from on this trip in Venice because of those thoughts. Also, all that cement - no grass anywhere! - well, there was a grass and tree area and gardens but they are further to the end of the land and if you spend most of your time wandering the narrow streets of the city, you won't see anything but water, stone and old buildings. It can be strange for someone who is used to trees and lawns and fields and such.

I felt a bit of claustrophobic panic which may have triggered that dream but then again, I was struggling with my anxiety during these travels anyway.

What a place though! It was worth the blistered thighs to walk about so much to see what we could.

Venice, a place of dreams and nightmares. As someone who regularly has nightmares, I think it's going to be interesting to have the added dreamscapes that visiting this place has given me.

They say Venice is sinking or that it will be under water in years to come. Later in our trip, while we were in a hotel room in Rome, there was a special on BBC about how Venice was struggling with the weight of tourism, of how it was negatively impacting their city (even though it is what keeps the economy going as well) and of different solutions from possibly creating a theme park (ugh!) to stopping massive cruise ships from coming through (good idea) but all of this and some conversations with locals made made me think of just how different an experience visiting Venice might be in a few years, decades or so.

Maybe we went at just the right time.

To view all the photos from Venice -> click here!

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