goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

love the one you're with

The night before my wedding (city hall small ceremony) this song started playing in my head while I lay in bed unable to sleep. I was thinking about how this was it, I was going to get married, and thinking of those I loved before, particularly the feelings that remained regardless of time and distance. And this thought came to me so I got up and tweeted it (today's version of making a note on a scrap piece of paper) - it was a moment of revelation and acceptance for me.

The classic rock song "Love The One You're With" used to be an insult to me.

Then I experienced a heartbreak or two.

Now it makes sense.
10:29 PM - 31 Oct 13

Not about settling for someone. But letting go of previous loves & letting yourself receive/give love to someone else.
The one beside you.
3:23 AM - 1 Nov 13
Tags: tweets & text messages

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