goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

clues for the clueless

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013.
I need to figure out why I dream about the factory - more specifically - why do I dream of the factory after I've had a therapy session? What am I trying to tell myself? What message is there for me? What does it mean?

In the dream, the factory was the setting but the nightmare I was having had some turns in it that featured a storyline of a man who wanted to go through law school but didn't have the money. Then, the company decided to pay for the schooling all the way through to the very end if highest marks are achieved, provided that the young man do anything & everything that they asked of him... including murder. As my dream shifted on to something else shortly before waking, I knew that that man would do it.

That's not a typical tale for one of my factory dreams but it was interesting enough that I remembered.

I've figured out what a repetitive dream meant before - years ago, when I'd dream of my first apartment - but I don't know what the trigger thought behind the factory setting is exactly. I'm willing to do the work to find out.
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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