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Monday, August 19, 2002

I got out of bed for the day around 11am. I had a rough night sleeping. Not only did I feel as though I had sprained my pinky finger, I just couldn't settle into sleep. I got up a couple times to go to the washroom and when I noticed the time was after 4am I knew then that I wouldn't be going to the laundromat today. I managed to sleep after that though - enough sleep that I could have a vivid dream that turned into a bit of a nightmare.

This dream involved Mom & Bryan. I was visiting them (in the dream) and it seemed normal enough to begin with. I wanted to clean out their litter box and sweep the floor in the back room so that my cats (Lion & Hagrid, whom I had taken with me to visit) would use it. I also remember washing my dishes after dirtying some. I was getting along with them until something strange happened. I was outside sweeping snow from the sidewalks with a broom (sidewalks appeared where there are none in real life) and Bobby the landlord was out there at the barns (which he isn't anymore because the two barns that had pigs in them when I lived there are empty now because he built larger fancier ones at his mansion) and I guess to level out the karma his wife appeared in the dream a little later. I don't think the woman is his actual wife in reality because I don't remember what she looks like, having only seen her briefly a couple times over the years. Anywho, she seemed to be in charge of some project going on in the 3 door (no doors) wooden garage out back. Wouldn't you know it, there were a couple hydralic presses out there, the type that we have at the factory where I work. She was having problems getting the girls to work on them and I spoke up and said something about the presses needing air pressure lines to work, not to mention that it's not a good idea to be having the equipment outside like that in the snow... she got very angry with me for suggesting anything. I stated that I have worked in a factory that uses that equipment for over six years and I know enough that you need to do certain things to make the equipment run. I also had asked what endform they were pressing, what set-up it was and she gave me this bad look. I knew what I was talking about though. I got slapped on the arm. Next thing I know, my mother is consoling the woman and I'm upset about that. I was talking to Bryan in the living room about the equipment and stating that I knew what I was talking about dammit. I remember going outside and seeing them putting the air hose on with the air pressure on - not a good idea - and the power all hooked up and well, just not following any safety rules at all. I also mentioned to Bryan how the tubing shouldn't be around snow like that. I was telling him about how a few years ago we got a lot of tubing from our supplier with rust inside of it and our customer did not like that at all and it all had to be sorted, so to be manufacturing the brakelines outside was just stupid. Mom came in and fought with me, slapping me and calling me a know-it-all or something like that and I was both angry and scared. I put Lion and Hagrid each in one of my pockets (as if Lion could fit!) and Bryan was going to drive me home. He wasn't taking my side though. I remember a part where I wanted to go up to the bathroom and lock myself in but Mom said that she had to go and so I was going to let her go first. The landlord's wife's son - who seemed to be in his late teens, early 20s (not in real life) - was asking my Mom if she was okay and here I was the one that had been hurt! Both Mom & I told him to stay out of this, that it was none of his business. I also remember checking that my cats were still alive in my pockets so I pet them and they both purred. I wanted to get them home safely as well. I remember when speaking throughout the entire dream that my voice was bad and that it hurt to talk. I tried talking to 9-1-1 on the phone but I was barely heard. The landlord's wife came upstairs and she was consoling my mother this time and well, it was just weird. Oh, I just remembered that when I was outside sweeping the sidewalks around the house, that I noticed signs along the road that said the property was for sale. This made sense to me as I was thinking about how Mom & Bryan are moving into housing (that's probably why I dreamed of them, as their move is on my mind) and I wondered if they were actually moving because the landlord put the place up for sale. I remember getting in the car to leave but as we're going down the road the landlord's wife is in the vehicle and for some reason in process sheets went flying off the truck (we weren't in a truck!?) and she made us stop to pick them up. I thought that was another stupid thing - having important paperwork so carelessly treated - and blah blah blah... I'm done typing about this dream. Just ran out of steam. I'm sure that the landlord's wife is a very nice person. I realize that there wouldn't be hydroaulic presses at the farm. And I haven't had a problem with my mom since the summer so I need to just let that go, eh? I think I am a bit hurt that Bryan took her side but at the same time, I see that if he hadn't been there for her, no one would have stuck by her or been there for her like he has been. And I think that even though I miss a lot of time off work, that despite all that, I take my job seriously.

Maybe too seriously.
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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