goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: i want to know how to write a poem.

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i want to know how to write a poem.

"put pen to paper or yer fingertips to the keyboard. no sweat. poetry is all around you."
- Raegan Butcher

you make it look easy, to write a poem:
take notice of your surroundings, what
goes on around you & all the things, oh

but that's bullshit. we both know it is a
lot harder than that to write something
decent - a poem that speaks/talks back

a poem that you think about later on in
the dark or when you're washing dishes
or some other lonely job in real life living

a poem that doesn't feel forced or looks
down on you as though it's beyond your
understanding but there - under & inside

a poem that
means something
even when you don't.

- adp, 19 March 2013 @ 6:16am
Tags: poetry & prose, voice posts
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