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When do you write the most?

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Recently I destroyed yet another smartphone / blackberry (death by bathtub - a huge bowl of rice, alas, could not save it) and for the long days & nights I was without it, I wrote several pages in my paper journal. I wrote more than I've written in ages. Without the (stupid) habit of checking my phone all the time (email, twitter, foursquare, youtube!) I went the old-fashioned route of using my netbook to check email, post to twitter and watch YouTube --- all while being more hands free to write. I not only wrote in my paper journal but sent out several snail mail postcards, too. I have a phone again but it's a barebones mobile that basically limits me to phone calls and text messages. This means I'm writing lots and less likely to grip my phone constantly.

My question is, when do you write* the most?

* write, art journal, collage, etc!

Are you more likely to write when something happens in your life or when something is not happening? Does technology affect your journaling habits in a positive, negative or neutral way? Does this change depending on what's going on in other aspects of your life?

For me, I'm in no hurry to get a new smartphone (although I definitely would like one again) because I think that it's best for me to write and I realize how attached I got to it (obviously way too much to have dropped it in the bubble bath!) and I was wondering if anyone else could relate.
Tags: embodiment

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