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It's almost December!?!?

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This is just something I'm making up in this moment on a Friday night (oops, now a Saturday morning here) where I wanted to share some things that resonated with me. There's much more to see if you visit embodiment including prompts and people's diaries & journals of all sorts, thoughts shared & questions asked. I hope you'll stop by and see for yourself. The community is a Paid Account (expiring 2014-03-22) which means you shouldn't see any annoying ads, bonus!

* dragonfly52585: "I used the last page as a 'notes from the future' page. I guess this may only apply to those who go back and read their journals but I'm curious. How many of you go back and read your journals and scribble in notes from the present in response to what you'd wrote then??" See: (HERE)

* kinston asked for input about what to do with leftover blank pages in a journal she wanted to put aside to start another one, anew, for her upcoming birthday. Some great advice in the comments & I think a lot of us can relate to this in some way or another - what would you do or have you done with a journal / diary you wanted to quickly finish? Leave a comment on her post, eh?

* arantia arranged a Holiday Package Exchange! I hope this goes well for everyone involved and look forward to seeing posts by people letting the community know how it turns out for them! Maybe even more people will want to get involved in it the next time around?

* A big discussion was prompted by ellison's post "Journaling About Traumatic Events" This post hit me at a particular time where I had stopped writing. I was stuck. Something SERIOUS had happened that severed me from my outlets of expression - both online and on paper. "my writing saves me" is something I've said before but what about when I can't speak or put the thoughts to pen? What about when I'm being silenced by myself, someone else or circumstances? What then? I knew that I needed to write. I had to get past this paralyzing time. I was nearly finished with one of the most beautiful journals I've had and now all I wanted was to be able to 1) write again 2) finish it and be done with it 3) move on. I managed to do this after some time by eventually pasting in an envelope, putting the very thing that symbolized what was blocking me into that envelope, sealing it up, then writing. I have yet to write explicitly the reasons for what brought me to such a difficult time but at least I am writing again (on paper, anyway) and I'm 24 pages in on paper journal #33. If you want to write, you will find a way. Take a look at the post if you're looking for some tips from people who relate on this tough subject.

paper journal #32
19 March 2012 to 03 November 2012.
paper journal #32

Closing Quote:
"One of the reasons I write is because I refuse to [be] go away quietly. I write out of a rebellious spirit. Even if one individual hears me or reads me I feel vindicated. My life was not in vain."
- crookedfingers (here)
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