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nuit blanche 2012

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Before the Nuit
recognized some of the art (Nuit Blanche 2009) Lynn Crosbie wrote of in 'Life Is About Losing Everything' ! #books
12:51 AM - 12 Sep 12

feels super-thrilled to be a volunteer Nuit Narrator for @sbnuitblancheTO! lovelovelove! #snbTO #NuitBlanche
2:22 PM - 15 Sep 12

got the Celebrate Toronto: Nuit News email ~> & even more excited about Nuit Blanche - soon! - Sept 29th! #snbTO
2:45 PM - 21 Sep 12

noticed lots of great posts on @Foursquare from @sbnuitblancheTO for this year's Nuit Blanche. Makes me want to see ALL THE THINGS! #snbTO
3:09 PM - 21 Sep 12

made a tentative "Things To Bring" list for Nuit Blanche (@sbnuitblancheTO) on the 29th! #snbTO #lists
10:19 PM - 23 Sep 12

wishes it were possible to see everything, to experience it all! #snbTO Trying to plan the night? ~>
10:28 PM - 23 Sep 12

(excerpt paper journal # 32 / 24 August 2012): wrote Tallman has time booked off for Nuit Blanche. #snbTO
12:55 AM - 24 Sep 12

View from just outside the door of Toronto City Hall, Nuit Narrator meeting. Moon, city lights, the night!
8:25 PM - 24 Sep 12

Moon will be full during Nuit Blanche. Adds to the experience. First time attending back in 2007, I said: "The moon is art." (sigh) #snbTO
7:40 PM - 28 Sep 12

Day of Nuit Blanche 2012
Memories @sbnuitblancheTO, Nuit Blanche 2009: Center for Tactical Magic, Witches' Cradles - so calming! #snbTO
12:18 AM - 29 Sep 12

Memories @sbnuitblancheTO: Wish Swing, 2007 - My first time at Nuit Blanche. Magical. top fave experience! #snbTO
12:20 AM - 29 Sep 12

hears people ask, "Is that art?" a lot @sbnuitblancheTO. I think it depends on what & if it makes you feel. #snbTO
12:29 AM - 29 Sep 12

Memories @sbnuitblancheTO 2010: Distillery District. The woman looking at art became part of the art to me. #snbTO
12:33 AM - 29 Sep 12

The Nuit Blanche Renegade Parade (@NBRPToronto) starts at the ROM Crystal 7:03pm - track it after it begins - #snbTO
3:05 PM - 29 Sep 12

Tonight! Look at the 'Share Your Night' feature for LIVE tips & coverage ~> #snbTO
3:32 PM - 29 Sep 12

totally agrees, "Don't Plan Your Night" #snbTO RT @hrtlesgirl: [...] here is my @sbnuitblancheTO guide for newbies.
5:05 PM - 29 Sep 12

boarded westbound Queen streetcar in The Beach/es at quarter to six. @sbnuitblancheTO all night long. #snbTO
6:13 PM - 29 Sep 12

In case maps (& booklets) you get at Info Centres aren't helpful enough, they made BIG ones, too! #snbTO
6:38 PM - 29 Sep 12

Tweets After 7:03pm: Nuit Blanche

# 74 located Nathan Phillips Square, 'World Without Sun" looks/sounds fantastic. See later tonight! #snbTO
7:06 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 56 'Museum of the Rapture' by Douglas Coupland 1st thing we see as we go underground. It gets cool. #snbTO
7:21 PM - 29 Sep 12

Does this look / feel familiar? #snbTO
7:33 PM - 29 Sep 12

Overheard (father to daughter): "You're not supposed to get it. It's for show." The art or the candy? #snbTO
7:35 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 55 Quasar 2.0: Star Incubator (light & sound) located underground 'Museum for the End of the World' #snbTO
7:50 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 86 'All Night Convenience' across from Cloud Gardens, Temperance St around corner from Yonge St! #snbTO
9:30 PM - 29 Sep 12

One free item off the shelf! Tallman picked a cigar box and I picked a box of tampons. Glowtastic! #snbTO
9:33 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 47 'The Way Things Are' (outside Cloud Gardens) Read the description on the sign! #snbTO
9:40 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 108 'Chase' a lovely chandelier when it appears on one of the oldest banks in the city. #snbTO
10:14 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 112 'Water Will Be Here' video installation: make you think of how it might / could be? Onlookers. #snbTO
10:24 PM - 29 Sep 12

On Bay Street around the corner from the refined chandelier. Party outside the TSE. Looks like fun. #snbTO
10:34 PM - 29 Sep 1210:43 PM - 29 Sep 12</i>

# 114 'Beam of Underground Sun' I was looking forward due to image in brochure but everyone is standing on it & covering the light. #snbTO
10:52 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 116 'Green Invaders' Very popular! Light installation touches the hearts of many. For real. #snbTO
11:04 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 121 'Dollar General Drive By' Film of poor streets, in business district. Overheard: "More movies." #snbTO
11:17 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 123 'High Water' remnants floating in the water - things left behind. Outside Roy Thomson Hall. #snbTO
11:26 PM - 29 Sep 12

This is a Scotiabank Information Centre. People to help you figure out where to go or where you are. #snbTO
11:31 PM - 29 Sep 12

# 134 Lifecycles 6-screen circular video installation but the visuals & sound attracts a chill crowd. #snbTO
11:38 PM - 29 Sep 12

heard remarks re: how "it keeps growing!" (plant in video) but some of these people have probably never been this close to nature. #snbTO
11:41 PM - 29 Sep 12

Perhaps some cheering & clapping is a sarcastic over-reaction? Still, people are watching it longer than most other videos seen so far.
11:44 PM - 29 Sep 12

Inside Metro Hall: +city #pluscityplay where Second City performers are putting on improv sketches. #snbTO
11:48 PM - 29 Sep 12

Recharge break! #snbTO
11:51 PM - 29 Sep 12

So, clearly we're having a terrible night. (Making the best of recharge-battery-time?)
12:20 AM - 30 Sep 12

# 129 @ TIFF Lightbox film installation 'Lighthouse' "unoccupied & isolated" - sounds like me! #snbTO
1:38 AM - 30 Sep 12

watched lots of zombie deaths (& zomnie film lovers would argue NOT zombies) but it was on my list. #snbTO
2:24 AM - 30 Sep 12

Who else loved the 'Thriller' / 'Night of the Living Dead' bit? ok, so it was another video installation (film!) but so cool. Art? #snbTO
2:28 AM - 30 Sep 12

After surviving the Entertainment District, ART! Phew! # 94 'Fortification for Small Worlds' - yes! #snbTO
2:53 AM - 30 Sep 12

Thought-provoking. Lots of red tape at OCAD for their 'Night Kitchen Under The Tabletop Menu' #snbTO
3:16 AM - 30 Sep 12

Fire alarm while walking through the red tape thing. Didn't make it to the end to find out if our answers were wrong or get our photo.
3:24 AM - 30 Sep 12

Overheard: "That was so artistic, they kicked us out!" 'Night Kitchen Under The Tabletop' shutdown. Fire alarm. Trucks coming. Oh. #snbTO
3:28 AM - 30 Sep 12

just waiting for treatycard (no fire but it is hot in here?) & we're tired but wanting to see more! #snbTO
3:58 AM - 30 Sep 12

SIGHTING! On Dundas Street right near University Ave: 'Outsiders2012' Who knows where it's going? #snbTO
4:16 AM - 30 Sep 12

# 39 'Reflexion' 20' x 20' interactive video crystal - take a self portrait @ Yonge-Dundas Square #snbTO
4:36 AM - 30 Sep 12

talked to 1 person. Too tired to walk the stairs. Usually have no problem talking to strangers! #T2S #snbTO
4:47 AM - 30 Sep 12

Oh! # 34 'The NOTtenartist The Fluxmobile' sculpture is definitely a collective work. #snbTO
4:58 AM - 30 Sep 12

# 36 and # 37 at the AMC Building. The Jelly Gene Machine costs a quarter. I attained telepathy. #snbTO
5:11 AM - 30 Sep 12

# 37 'Ambient Walk' Artist shoots video focused on walking surface. I do that too... in vlogs. #snbTO
5:15 AM - 30 Sep 12

'Ambient Walk' is relaxing because after a night of walking, it's nice to watch it instead of do it. #snbTO & am I an artist? Could I be?
5:24 AM - 30 Sep 12

First time this evening seeing "share your night" screen by @sbnuitblancheTO! #snbTO
5:39 AM - 30 Sep 12

wonders how @performingtime did tonight #racingforeverything? I'm feeling the "I WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING" pain right now. #snbTO
5:43 AM - 30 Sep 12

Inside Eaton Centre & man said he had the last one of 'Outsiders2012' but he let Tallman pose w/it. #snbTO
5:49 AM - 30 Sep 12

# 45 'Crystal Palace' "shot inside the Palm House at Kew Gardens, UK" gorgeous improvement over ads! #snbTO
5:54 AM - 30 Sep 12

found 'Scenes from a Film I'll Never Make, with Alternate Scores' !!! What a way to finish the night! #snbTO
6:01 AM - 30 Sep 12

# 75 '9 Beet Stretch' inside Old City Hall. Not been inside this building before. Feels holy tonight. #snbTO
6:30 AM - 30 Sep 12

almost made it. We went until 6:45am - last experience was at Old City Hall. Tallman & I are exhausted! 501 streetcar home. #snbTO
6:44 AM - 30 Sep 12

After Nuit
wants to do an exhibit. Title it 'Strange(r) In This City' :slideshow ALL my Toronto pics & vlogs set to ambient / techno / nature sounds.
8:43 PM - 30 Sep 12

Thanks! Ha, I was joking, really. Then again... RT @muddassirshah: @goldmourn That is a cool idea
8:49 PM - 30 Sep 12

This exhibit at last night's Nuit Blanche has influenced me: listening to Madonna's Immaculate Collection. #snbTO
10:15 PM - 30 Sep 12

Probably one of the most popular exhibits at Nuit Blanche: 'All Night Convenience' Took lots of pics of it! #snbTO
11:36 PM - 30 Sep 12

retrospectively, still enjoyed 'Green Invaders' a lot. #snbTO #nuitblanche
8:44 PM - 1 Oct 12


While I am thankful for another opportunity to be a Nuit Narrator (previously, in 2010) I couldn't have gone to either event without Tallman. I'm not just saying that to be sappy or sound like I'm giving kudos (though he deserves many kudos) but for real, I couldn't have gone without him. Unfortunately, the anxiety/panic is such that it's just too intense to go to such a massive event by myself. Even medicated, it's not something I can cope with. & yet, once I'm there and I have my companion with me, I can do (most) anything! This experience really brought it home to me that I have some limits in functionality. I'm hoping that will change with time but meanwhile, again, I am grateful for the Tallman who stands by me. Look at all we've experienced together! Incredible. ♥
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