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a movement in two parts

i want to say something reassuring but know it wouldn't make a difference. the inhale / exhale of the universe will have to be enough at this time, all the time, anytime. this time i feel it's different because we are on our own journey, aware & working on ourselves and not in an i-me-generation way but in the realm of what is real: that soul-repair, recover and discover way. & i want to clarify that i felt brave standing there - don't mistake the hyperventilating for fear. euphoric reaction, the crash coma chaos comedown is alright, it's not beyond what we can handle. we being me, i, alone, and you too, on your own, and us, alive, now. it's all a borrowed connection, uncertain, static air. come, go, come again, go.

i think of the lake and the shore. how the water sometimes saunters up to lick stones, to swallow marks of feet and paws --- the times it barely moves, silent, slow & distant --- the white caps that rise, storm after days of the calmest blue --- the reprieve & heavy cover when the days are blanket gray --- it's going to be okay because it already is.

i've learned so much from you already. i was reminded of how much i already know.

Tags: poetry & prose

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