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blank journals! & a poll!

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I'm over half-way finished Journal #31 and undecided as to what journal to scribble in next.

blank journals

Poll #1821806 amberdawnpullin's blank journals!
This poll is closed.

What paper journal should be #32, the next one to be written in?

1 (the butterfly one)
2 (homemade white w/leaves)
3 (BIG 'I Can't Sleep')
4 (Harry Potter)
5 (Vincent Van Gogh, Notte stellata)
6 (Alice in Wonderland dream journal)
7 (small sized ALICE)

This poll will remain open until I finish writing in my current journal. When I'm done, I'll close the poll... and begin writing in whichever blank journal received the most votes!

My thoughts about the journals:
1 -> I was given this beautiful butterfly colourful journal by my first love / LTR back in 2003. I don't feel any weirdness about it now and think it'd be nice to write in it.

2 -> This one was a gift to me from a dear LJ friend! It's one of those journals that is just SO GORGEOUS that it makes one hesitant to use it because you don't want to ruin it, ya know? So pretty!

3 -> I CAN'T SLEEP because this one would just be FUN and it has quotes in it and it's huge so I guess I could get kinda creative with it? Although it's not particularly geared toward a wall-to-wall scrawl journal-writer like myself.

4 -> The Harry Potter one looks quite interesting inside. It varies between lined pages, grid, blank - all kinds of possibilities - the pages are lovely.

5 -> Van Gogh - need I say more?!

6 -> Alice in Wonderland. Years ago I wrote in a 'dream journal' but used it as a regular journal just because I write about dreams anyway if I happen to feel like it - I don't keep any separate journals for that sort of thing - everything just goes in the same one.

7 -> Another Alice in Wonderland journal! I especially love how SMALL it is!
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