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goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

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I'm painstakingly pecking this entry out with my mobile. Ow, ow, ow.

How did you do with your journals / diaries / etc this year?
I started 2011 with paper journal #26 and I'm on #30 now. Like the start of this year, I'll begin another year mid-journal. I had hoped to start "fresh" with a new one but there's no way I can write over 60 pages tonight - about 3 hrs to go until 2012 where I am! - but I'm okay with the continuation. Also, it saves me from having to decide which notebook to use next - decisions!

I didn't write every day but pretty close. Couldn't have missed more than a week or two if the days are added together which is great for me. For the most part, it was truly a daily routine. I often found it easier to write at midnight - insomnia, much? - as that meant regardless of whatever was to happen that day, I'd already written something.

Some days I wrote very little and other times I went on for pages & pages. At the start of the year I did more cut & paste while the last couple journals were nearly all handwritten, wall to wall scrawl.

This year I bought a small (2.5 x 4") Moleskine Weekly Planner for 2012 as a sidekick for my journals. I used a free 'Datebook' for 2011 that I found useful on a daily basis for noting events, weight, stuff like that. I'll use the Moleskine in the same way.

If keeping a journal is therapy, I don't want to imagine just how crazy I'd be if I didn't write! Oh, and I noticed that my handwriting improved overall.

Another thing I did this year was continue to indulge in my love for reading published journals and collections of letters. It's a good way to reassure yourself that putting your words down on paper is a valid and incredible thing to do. Your life is yours to both live & document!

Happy New Year and I'll be among the many (more of us than you'd expect) who will be ringing in 2012 by marking the blank page. <3
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