goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

Canada Day

i can hear fireworks... the arena is down the street...

happy canada day, eh?

...after listening to the thunder of fireworks for awhile...

I went into the bathroom and watched the fireworks from the window. Perfect view. They were beautiful and "stars that fall to ground" entered my mind. I felt lucky for that moment, to have a place to live, to be able to rest my chest atop the towel rod with my chin on the window sill, in the dark, wearing only panties because it is way too hot and humid - all to watch the local village fireworks. For a moment there, I felt like everything might be okay. That there is hope for me in my search for myself. At the same time, I felt the haven of being alone close in on me. And I liked that feeling.
Tags: poetry & prose

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