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RT @mattgood: "The fact that we haven't been visited by an alien race proves that there is intelligent life out there."
1 Oct via web

After I said no one can complete another (got that from watching @Oprah), Tallman texted: "YOU PARTIALLY COMPLETE ME IN MOST RESPECTS!"
1 Oct via txt

Casey Affleck talks about the film 'I'm Still Here' in an email exchange with @ebertchicago (yes, i want to see it)
1 Oct via DestroyTwitter

My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Matthew Good (82), Led Zeppelin (29) and Matthew Good Band (24) #lastfm music
2 Oct via

"The line was art." Haha! (we didn`t have to wait)
2 Oct via Twitpic

my nuit night in pictures: #snbTO #nuitblanche #toronto
4 Oct via DestroyTwitter
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The cats like him. A lot.
4 Oct via Twitpic

how cool the sky looks w/o buildings in the way.
8 Oct via Twitpic

Factory I was employed in a month before age 17.
8 Oct via Twitpic

At my old fave pharmacy. Not here since Oct. 2005!
8 Oct via Twitpic
10 Oct via Twitpic

At J`s sister`s house for Thanksgiving dinner.
10 Oct via Twitpic

Streetcars at Neville Park Loop.
11 Oct via Twitpic

after dinner this evening, we walked along the lake as the night came in. & &
11 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Pogo does #Dexter!
12 Oct via DestroyTwitter

We haven`t gone for Chinese together... ever?
13 Oct via Twitpic

Raining alongside the fruit market.
13 Oct via Twitpic

Downpour rain droplets perspective on the ground.
13 Oct via Twitpic

Final miner rescued (Chile) All 33 safe &surfaced.
13 Oct via Twitpic

Autumn leaves on the ground.
14 Oct via Twitpic

Oprah supporting Stewart`s Rally To Restore Sanity
15 Oct via Twitpic

Pretty autumn day. -3hrs left of my shift.
16 Oct via Twitpic

Nuit Blanche 2010: part 1 (confessions) thoughts & pictures from my night. #snbTO #nuitblanche #toronto
16 Oct

Strombo streetcar!
17 Oct via Twitpic

Tallman took this stunning photo after grocery shopping last night. Perfect lighting, crisp image of streetcar:
18 Oct via DestroyTwitter

blog post! Nuit Blanche 2010: part two! #snbTO #toronto #nuitblanche
18 Oct via DestroyTwitter

watched this film at The Fox with Meghan (thanks!)
19 Oct via Twitpic

i cut my bangs again - shortest in years.
20 Oct via Flickr

vlog: explaining myself (clips from late august to today)
21 Oct via DestroyTwitter

running late to a poetry reading, argh!
21 Oct via Twitpic

heard poet Penn Kemp read at The Black Swan.
21 Oct via Twitpic

Thank you, Ian for the encouragement to go to Hot-Sauced Words! & thank you Tallman for coming with me! & thank you #poetry for existing.
21 Oct via txt

Great first feature Rob Welch @ Hot-Sauced Words last night. Enjoying the copyright page rather much.
22 Oct via txt

thought of #NaNoWriMo plot. Zombies! Ex`s. Abandonment. Friendship. Magic. Inner strength. Love. People being more (or less) than they seem.
24 Oct via txt

Exhausting day. Foggy night. Gotta loveseat now.
24 Oct via Twitpic

email delivery of my #blog #journal delivered this new post: w/this older one: - & it matched well!
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

more & more plot for 2010 #nanowrimo attempt is coming to mind. I've been telling Tallman about it but should write an outline, eh?
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

spilled coffee. All over myself. Part of my persistent preparation for November's National Novel Writing Month.
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

received a call from NEWFOUNDLAND a second ago. Thought it may be a wrong number but they've left a voicemail. Curiouser & curiouser.
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Philip Glass (17), The Killers (17) & Madonna (13) #lastfm music
25 Oct via

Good read! RT @sarah_nicolas New Blog Post: In Defense of @nanowrimo. Step away from the Haterade. #nanowrimo
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@Sarah_Nicolas No problem! Thanks for writing it! I noticed a lot of what you mentioned in an authors forum & your blog post was helpful.
25 Oct via web

new #BLOG post! NaNo, anyone? #nanowrimo #Toronto
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

believes this is first time ever to have an ending for a story planned! Used to write stories as a kid but never the endings. #nanowrimo
25 Oct via txt

#voteTO at St.Aidan`s church. Dad, remember this??
25 Oct via Twitpic

Ford won. Seriously guys? you voted for someone who wants to "remove streetcars, get cyclists off roads, expand subway only in burbs" RLY?
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

#Toronto is about to get very activist-y during Ford's brief reign as Mayor. No way are we losing #streetcars or #cyclists. #voteTO ohno
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Tallman & I are finally having some supper. We`ll watch the recently aired episode of #Dexter & I`ll try not to think of #voteTO results.
25 Oct via txt

can't concentrate on one of my fave shows - too distracted & distraught about the #toronto mayoral election results. #voteTO (blah)
25 Oct via DestroyTwitter

noticed lots of #nanowrimo participants are writing about #zombies - hopefully my storyline / plot / mess of 50,000 words can be unique?
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

vlognowrimo! (youtube channel) by Tara who's won twice before -> love the videos so far -> #nanowrimo
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter <- her #nanowrimo profile says she's in my hometown (i moved) & we're both writing about #zombies - coincidence?!
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@Bdoing It's an apocalyptic sort of town, I guess. (Actually, if it weren't for zombies being so trendy everywhere, yeah, I'd be worried!)
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

RT @MarjorieKehe: #NaNoWriMo – 5 reasons why you should participate // I'm hoping #5 is true for me!
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@StephsMagic That's a relief! Means the chances of me writing the exact same #nanowrimo story as someone else has gone down a smidgen.
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@countessrichter #vampires & #werewolves are also quite trendy, eh? I commend you for being zombie-free in this time of many #zombies!
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

RT @nationalpost: Ford’s plans for streetcars still up in the air / phase out streetcars in 10 years&replace w/buses.
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Ford wants to focus on extending subways - I'm not against that - but to get rid of streetcars makes me feel sick inside. #voteTO #Toronto
27 Oct via DestroyTwitter

feels beaten on & beaten down today - physically & emotionally. "Good morning, Miss Ratched." Can't wait to lose myself in #nanowrimo.
28 Oct via DestroyTwitter

looked for & found a group for #nanowrimo scrobblers -> // haven't made a soundtrack for writing, should i?
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

one of my 'Nuit Market' photos was used over here: & i think it's lovely that it was liked well enough.
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

pays more attention to the @nanowrimo hashtag on twitter than the forums on the official site. Does that make me a bad #NaNoWriMo person?
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

didn't realize a vehicle was trying very delicately to turn the corner toward me when I was doing this today ->
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@Bdoing wrote @ToNaNo <-- 30-Minute Plotting! //great page! takes me back to 1998. #nanowrimo
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

RT @Quotes4Writers “If the stuff you’re writing is not for yourself, it won’t work.” Stephen King //one of my fave books is 'On Writing'
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

scary for those who've known me IRL but I'm organizing finances for the household. Pay schedules, calendars, etc & I'm AWESOME at it.
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Tallman shared this link -> what gorgeous #photography by 'Gunkanjima: Ruins of a Forbidden Island'
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

RT @InLyrics The Anonymous Heartache Project - /who hasn't been there, eventually will. (meaning, heartache)
29 Oct via web

told J. will go to his friend's party -w/o going- as a ghost! One that communicates via text msgs! (iwannabehomeforstartof #nanowrimo)
29 Oct via DestroyTwitter

"W. Cleon Skousen (1913-2006) shares the importance of keeping a personal journal." #paperjournal
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Idea for #nanowrimo story: create poll LJ / Facebook / etc about what people would do if zomie apocalypse was imminent. Help w/characters.
30 Oct via txt

@rampancy Oooo! I love your idea! Actually, I already have a plot & the poll was going to help me figure out how different people....
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@rampancy ...would react to the situation; what/ ho would be important to them; would they fight, hide, give-up?; where would they go?'
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@countessrichter There are so many options out there for journals - I suppose it is about finding (or making!) what works for you.
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@countessrichter I know this sorta thing has been discussed before (paper journal writers can be very particular) here:
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Just a minute ago -
30 Oct via Twitpic

Someone`s happy about the cozy colour scheme!
30 Oct via Twitpic

RT @TorontoStar Thousands rally for ‘sanity’, laughs //Sounds like good rally w/great signs. Wish I could've gone.
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

had awesome convos w/folks at the laundromat today about #NaNoWriMo novel. Jotted more notes&ideas, more plotlines - quite helpful!
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

would love it if you'd fill out poll: 'on the verge of a zombie apocalypse!': -> Thanks! #nanowrimo #zombies
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

@EsoPhoenix you are a tweetin' machine!
30 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Aliens in my pants #moviesinmypants
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

Some Kind of Wonderful in my pants #moviesinmypants
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

(sigh) @wilw is going to make me lose all my twitter pals because he's inspired me to make all these 'in my pants' posts #moviesinmypants
31 Oct via web

J witnessed my NaNo Noveling Affidavit. #nanowrimo
31 Oct via Twitpic

#blog: 'This is my Hallowe'en post!' -> #Thriller #halloween
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

The 'on the verge of a #zombie apocalypse' poll doing fantastically well! Thanks to everyone for participating so far!
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

had a slice of cinnamon toast w/ mug of peppermint tea to help keep the medicine down. Back still a bother -> (argh)
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

This is a pretty thing.
31 Oct via Twitpic

The zombie genre: "You can take it as a metaphor for anything that will shut things down and leave you on your own." - Frank Darabont
31 Oct via txt

thinks the strombo streetcar is getting a bit stalkery. yesterday: & today:
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Joni Mitchell (39), Ladytron (18) & Nick Drake (16) #lastfm music
31 Oct via

RT @ doycet A re-tweet for #NaNoWriMo: This is How I Get it Done - //i read this post just in time, eh? inspired!
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

on a blog found via LJ: resourceful #nanowrimo posts: & for writing tools & motivation.
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter

knows the awesomeness of Q10 now: & combined with - these kickass. #nanowrimo
31 Oct via DestroyTwitter
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