goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

2010 review: my photography

I made a post like this in 2009 and here I am again, only this year I took a LOT of pictures so I suspect it might be more of a chore to go through them all to pick the ones that stand out for me as my personal favourites - especially when I want to limit myself.

One of the best things about this past year were the times when Tallman and I went on our long meandering adventure walks. Seeing as how I don't get out much, I have a considerable amount of photographs and most of the credit is due to the times we went out together, wandering about with our cameras. I'm very thankful that I have accumulated so many photographs because lord knows I forget the good things too often & easily.

I limited myself to 3 photos max per month. It was difficult because there were many that I wanted to include for sentimental reasons.

different ways of leaning

Stationers ~ Printers




CN Tower from Hanlan's Point

Daybreakers / Bloor West Village


please don't steal my backpack

graffiti alley


Nuit Market starring the Toronto Weston Flea Market

Distillery District

Arts on Queen / autumn leaves

sky above @ Queen & Lee

...and one more photo for December, from the last day of 2010:

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Tags: year in review

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