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Embodiment 2011!

Earlier in the year, I became one of the maintainers for a fantastic paper diary / journal community called E M B O D I M E N T. A new year is about to begin and it'd be great if you'd join in the adventure of writing on the page!

posted in embodiment (here)

"How about a weekly (or monthly) spotlight type feature? We could call it "Illumination" and encourage a type of post, for example: Illuminate: Collages or Illuminate: Handwritten & so forth --- or some variation thereof? We could encourage people to show the best of their pages of various sorts and we could say the week ahead of time what the theme for the next will be. We won't discourage all other types of posts but in suggesting a method for journaling, maybe it will get some people to try new forms while other people can share what they love to do?"

Since today is Sunday and the last week before we begin 2011, I thought we could start off with a theme right away! For the first month, I think it'd be great to begin with Handwriting / Text - yes, a chance for those of us who maybe, at most, can bring ourselves to paste a few things onto our pages here & there, but for the most part (if not always) simply write. Often, we may feel intimidated by the beautiful collages and works of art that people make of their journals and we forget that our words are art, too. Or perhaps we prefer the clarity of our ink on the page. Please, scan or share photographs of your best handwritten pages in the weeks to come! It will be the highlight for the last week of December and the month of January.

Keep in mind that you can create & post whatever sort of pages you want regardless of the topic! As I mentioned in the pitch, it's just a way to try and get us to try new ways of journaling or to share with others what we've been doing all along!

Since there are more weeks (or even months!) than ways I can think of ways to journal, I'm not exactly sure how this will be pulled off. Perhaps we could do a poll as a community to decide on the next theme and we can repeat them throughout the year to keep switching things up. Some people might tune in or feel more like trying something at a different point in their year than another, ya know?

Related: Great article -> The power of the pen <- found in the archives (here) after someone asked, "Why should one journal?"

Video to inspire you!
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