goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

text messages i failed to send, sent to myself

dreamed you moved us back to glencoe so you could work at the factory (really good money) but i was screwed for opportunities as there was nothing there for me & i missed toronto so much-

& it ended that i had to add basic math sums if i wanted to take a bus to a college out of town (there is no bus or a college out of town) & i ended up figuring out i was with people in a mental hospital after taking that bus.

(there was a woman who made craft dolls with paper & put one up to the window behind us & that's when i noticed all the words she put in the centre of her snowflake doll & then i knew because i saw in her face where we were)

I was so upset you`d put us back in glencoe - who cares if you`d make more money, who cares if the apt. was bigger - it`d be so hard for me to go back there. /end dream
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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