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Journal #25 pages 51 & 52

When I look back at my earlier diaries & journals, I wrote much more in a prosaic way using a larger vocabulary, a somewhat intelligent & thoughtful style. This could have been due to me being younger and influenced more by all the books I would read. Or because I didn't have the internet but I had thought myself a writer and so I wrote like I might be one someday. I'm not sure.

But now, I tend to use my paper journals to write sloppy, to be messy, to write purposely bland - as though to contrast the effort I try to put into what I post on the internet. I wonder if this will change later on as I get older, come & go in phases or if it matters the more I use my paper journal - if the routine will give me more energy to put that sort of effort into both the paper journal and my online one. Or maybe I just need a place where I don't have to spell check / edit / write pretty.

Journal #25 pages 53 & 54

Journal #25 pages 55 & 56

Journal #25 pages 57 & 58

Journal #25 pages 59 & 60

Journal #25 pages 61 & 62

Journal #25 pages 63 & 64

Journal #25 pages 65 & 66
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