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Journal #25

posted in embodiment (here)

The small one is my current paper journal (#25) & the beautiful one beside it is homemade crafted by a dear LJ friend / penpal.
paper journals.

Journal #25 on a glass dish of my buttons collection.
First entry: October 31st, 2009.
I'd not been using it much but have started writing in it again more recently.
Journal #25

page eighteen.
page eighteen

Journal #25
page thirty-nine and page forty.
page thirty-nine & page forty

What journal will I write in when I finish #25?
Likely this beauty. I've had it awhile but hesitate to use it because it's so lovely.
Sometimes the journals are so pretty that I feel reluctant to taint them with my pen scrawl!
handmade journal i was gifted.

I still have hopes that people will enjoy paperexpression, a place where not only paper journals can be shared but other expressive forms of paper art, zines & collages.
Tags: embodiment

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