goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

would you stay or would you go?

This isn't the first time a random guy on the internet has had this conversation with me.

random guy 8:09 am
good morn
goldmourn 8:10 am
hey there.
random guy 8:12 am
gotta go...but just wanted to say hi
goldmourn 8:13 am
oh? okay.
random guy 8:13 am
:-P h
random guy 8:54 am
i finally posted a pic on a sharing site....we'll see what happens
goldmourn 8:55 am
Why don't you try getting some action in person with someone? Or are you involved?
random guy 8:56 am
yes...involved...but there's no adventure there....I'm pretty daring in what I'd like to try sometimes
mostly with watching/looking or being watched/looked at
goldmourn 8:57 am
have you thought of talking with your partner about it? (of course you have???)
i've been straight out open with my partner.
random guy 8:58 am
I think I'm just looking for the attention I don't get ...yes we've the middle of "intimacy"...but outside of that ...nothing ever changes
goldmourn 8:58 am
um, talk when you're not < bleep >ing.
why do you stay then? if you can't get what you want out of the relationship or aren't able to get it?
random guy 8:59 am
lol....then she seems completely un-interested
goldmourn 8:59 am
then she's not interested in you.
or you've relayed in some way that you're not interested in her.
random guy 8:59 am
she won't leave...I've tried hinting ...but she insists we're good
goldmourn 9:00 am
um, you don't hint. geesh, she could actually be with someone who wants / desires her / is compatible with her.
you're being a bit selfish. & you also could have more of what you want. afraid you can't do better?
random guy 9:01 am
I don't think I'm being selfish...I've tried being honest...I actually can do alot better physically....LOL
goldmourn 9:01 am
physical has nothing to do with it, honestly.
especially if a less attractive woman could fulfill your needs better.
random guy 9:01 am
true...i've been there
goldmourn 9:01 am
so, you are being selfish - you're staying in a relationship where you're not fully in it -
your partner could do better, too.
random guy 9:02 am
i want to be...but getting no response
goldmourn 9:02 am
even if they're not as "good looking" as you.
so you're holding on to this one until you have something?
i guess that's what people do a lot.
random guy 9:03 am
oh welll....just thought I'd let you know
goldmourn 9:03 am
i'm just sayin'.
random guy 9:03 am
i past GF's and I were completely open about this stuff....this one was...then just stopped
goldmourn 9:04 am
well, something happened then.
random guy 9:04 am
maybe SHE's bored....i don't know
goldmourn 9:04 am
if you tried to figure out what happened then you could move forward.
or maybe she's freakier than you are.
you just never know - especially since you don't talk.
random guy 9:04 am
I doubt that, seriously
goldmourn 9:04 am
you would be surprised.
random guy 9:05 am
nah...i'm pretty sure....
goldmourn 9:05 am
that's what guys generally are.
then bam, she's left you for some guy who will lick her *** and pee on her.
seriously, you don't know shit if you guys don't talk.
random guy 9:05 am're funny....
alright...i have to run now
goldmourn 9:06 am
random guy 9:06 am
goldmourn 9:06 am
random guy is offline 9:06 am

What makes it so difficult for people to talk to each other? To ask for what they want?

Why stay when you should go?

I know it's more complicated than that.

It depends on the situation, people involved.

Been there, done that, had to burn the t-shirt.
Tags: internet convos

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