goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

quite self-conscious (ironically so, I suppose, for being a vlogger)

Congratulations :) --

oh god!  you used those!  hahaha but I didn't include anything
particularly toronto-ish!  & i even whined a lot!  Oh gosh.  i was
just getting myself back into so I could do a COOL one.


But I trust you.

Still, it seems so self-indulgent!  Though I guess that's what an online
blog is, eh?*

I suppose, I just feel a bit embarrassed.  I mean, on vloggerheads**,
people whine & ramble all the time.  I didn't expect you'd use them on
your site because, well, they don't relate much to Toronto at all,
seeing as though I'm just inside my apartment going on about stuff.

I'm curious as to why you used them.  I don't know what kind of
impression that will give your readers, really?  Or has something like
this been good in the past?

If you'd like video, I can make video.  One that includes people
outside my apartment, in Toronto, doing stuff, or even me talking
outside.  Which I had intended to do - eventually.

Gah, look at me go on.  I just ---- feel weird about that post, is all.

Okay, I must apologize, Amber. I didn't actually watch the whole video
before choosing to select it. I only watched the section where you were
talking about the fevers, headaches, and not being able to hear out of one
ear. That was what I based my decision on -- and it didn't strike me as

So now that I've seen the whole thing I'm 200% convinced this is the
correct video. In fact, I think you coulda chunked this up into three good
entries, but if this pace of posting is okay for you then it's okay for me.
Now I don't tend not to show my face on camera as much, but I've done posts
around photos of Ollie (my cat), and what was in the news headlines that
day. Entries like yours are encompassed, welcomed, and encouraged by the
TCL philosophy: you live in, and this video was shot in, "Toronto". The
"City" of Toronto. And it talks a bit about your "Life". See how I did
that? ;) And the visitor demographics strongly suggest that the audience
may enjoy it too.

But don't let me discourage you from going outside -- that counts as well!

Okay.  You've calmed me down a bit.  I suppose it's just that I'm
quite self-conscious (ironically so, I suppose, for being a vlogger)
and wasn't sure at all it would be perceived as interesting enough, ya
know?  Having said that, I've already done some outside video and more
of Toronto will be sprinkled throughout my vlogs from here on in.  I
was intending on starting a personal project of a vlog a day for
vloggerheads (sometimes cross-posted to my journal) in addition to
photos and some writings.

I suppose I was just truly surprised you picked the vlogs.

Perhaps when people get used to me, they'll cheer me on in going outside, ha!

Stand proud, Amber. Your stuff if good, and the fact that you suspect that
it may be self-indulgent is exactly why it's not. Nope, I stand firmly by
my decision -- good video :)


Video logs are rare and good ones even more rare. To be honest, I didn't
even know you were a vlogger until today (happy surprise!) -- I was just
going based on your blog. It's clear you're comfortable as a v/blogger and
you produce your own content (yay!). It'll take a bit for people to get
comfortable since you're new, sure, that's true of everyone. Weekends are
traditionally a bit slower (I got the reader into that habit), so give it a
few days. But I have good feelings about this. :)

Finally, you're self-reflective, intelligent, personable, an urban
Torontonian with cats and a boyfriend; get the hell outside and stop
worrying! :D

* at least mine is...
** I vlogged 4 days in a row.
Tags: internet convos, videos & vlogs

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