goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

{microblog} April 2010

01 April 2010 to 30 April 2010

had a rollercoaster day. Thank you Meghan for the walk & talk. Enjoyed the 3hr 45 mins catch up w/kin-friend: Bill. & yes, I love you J.
12:01 AM Apr 1st via txt - Fuzzy cats are love. Eye. Scar.
3:59 PM Apr 1st via TwitPic

I was offended by the ads. Glad to hear. @torontoist: "Does God care if I'm gay?" -- a pretty homophobic TTC bus campaign that's now pulled.
4:44 PM Apr 1st via txt

has some pics of the phobic ads pasted on streetcars (flickr photostream). I remember feeling inspired to rant &shoot whenever I`d see them.
4:56 PM Apr 1st via txt - digging the song 'Rude Boy' performed by Rihanna.
11:19 PM Apr 1st via TwitPic - April: Poetry Month - Day 1: Outside Inside
11:55 PM Apr 1st via TwitPic

wrote 1st poem for April w/J`s help: he wrote it down as I dictated (improvised & revised) from the bathtub. Will post next time online.
12:01 AM Apr 2nd via txt - sitting in pravillion at the boardwalk for lunch.
12:59 PM Apr 2nd via TwitPic - Home: ankle is enflamed but we got lots of photos!
4:35 PM Apr 2nd via TwitPic

crashed early last night (before / around 9pm) with sunburn on my face. woke up just after 2am. will fall back to sleep w/Classical 96.3 FM.
3:08 AM Apr 3rd via txt

can totally understand why dreams &the idea of controlling them has been considered. It sucks to dream of people&places you`d rather forget.
9:34 AM Apr 3rd via txt

Easter Sunday: J hid easter eggs & chocolate for me early this morning. watched a zombie flick on my netbook. had dinner w/ his family.
8:07 PM Apr 4th via txt

The weather has been beautiful. I`ve photos to upload from days ago when I`ve a chance. Should take several more tomorrow if I wander about.
8:09 PM Apr 4th via txt

broke my nano ipod already. (i can`t have nice things!) will see if it can be repaired or if i can get an exchange. ipaid good money for it!
8:13 PM Apr 4th via txt

don`t know why or how - considering how i tried to get it to work - but my nano ipod just came back to life. It`s an Easter miracle. Hooray!
9:10 PM Apr 4th via txt

@jjmk1978 you`re just hoping i`ll still upgrade to an ipod touch : p Just accept that it was a Zombie Jebus Day miracle!
9:14 PM Apr 4th via txt

enjoying "Undercover Boss" &drinking tea &loving my comfy chair. It`s a very Good Idea to have corporate bosses experience entry level jobs.
9:32 PM Apr 4th via txt

just watched the new episode of Doctor Who. I think I had a nerdgasm. I miss David Tennant but the new Doctor won me over. MORE PLZ!
3:29 PM Apr 5th via txt

has been thinking about rollerskates for the past month or so - whenever it was I first saw "Whip It" -& I think it`d be really good for me.
6:43 AM Apr 6th via txt

1st line taken from haiku by @RetroRedux < haiku > time for love to bloom / for upside down dry flowers / to make way for Spring
9:12 AM Apr 6th via txt

uploaded lots of photos at the library before my battery ran down. downloaded pages to read: LJ friends list, fave blogs, roller derby info!
6:21 PM Apr 6th via txt

Mounties with machine guns? Really? Am I the only one who thinks that`s a bad idea?
5:45 PM Apr 7th via txt

missed noting LJ anniversary: first journal entry was April 5th, 2001! I`ve been sporadic with my posts and probably should update soon, eh?
9:12 PM Apr 7th via txt

@RetroRedux & the years, they went, eh?
10:42 AM Apr 8th via txt - Spring.
2:53 PM Apr 13th via TwitPic - Streetcar.
3:04 PM Apr 13th via TwitPic - streetcar & shadows.
3:09 PM Apr 13th via TwitPic - Peaceful.
3:30 PM Apr 13th via TwitPic - Kitty cat!
7:41 PM Apr 13th via TwitPic

&Time btwn that Last Moment & Now is such the rope that choked you comes undone leaving a string thread tangled into the ball of All Before.
1:38 PM Apr 14th via txt
3:45 PM Apr 14th via TwitPic

finished uploading my photos from the walk we took on Good Friday along the boardwalk & elsewhere at The Beach/es. It really was a good day.
3:50 PM Apr 14th via txt

still seeing streetcars on Queen w/ "Does God care if I`m gay?" @torontoist -- what about the campaign reported to be pulled start of April?
8:06 PM Apr 14th via txt

left sticky note on door offering round wooden table back to lady who let me have it - i`m clearing the corner to make room for someone. : )
8:53 PM Apr 14th via txt

@jjmk1978 The Doctor. i expect a visit from him any day now. & surely he`ll want a place to put the TARDIS -there in the corner should work.
9:08 PM Apr 14th via txt - Edward Furlong! It`s him, right? Had such a crush!
10:43 PM Apr 14th via TwitPic - "Tough talk, Mr. Science Guy."
10:47 PM Apr 14th via TwitPic

can`t hear out of left ear (since yesterday afternoon).
1:26 PM Apr 16th via txt

Sooo, at my first session w/counsellor, I was told (basically) to give myself kudos for the things I do. As in, "good job, Me, for [blank]."
9:46 PM Apr 16th via txt

Seems a simple thing to do: Be kind to yourself. But for those of us who have seeded negative thought patterns w/ low self-esteem, it`s not.
9:52 PM Apr 16th via txt

@ChrisW357 Do they actually think it works? I mean, if it was that easy, I wouldn`t need counselling at this age, eh? Presto! I`d be normal.
9:56 PM Apr 16th via txt

Most of us are i-centric (especially in this society) & we`re damaged or undeveloped in some necessary area. (holeness instead of wholeness)
10:04 PM Apr 16th via txt

@ChrisW357 I have a difficult time being kind to myself - to give myself "pats on the back" - due to feeling unworthy. self-sabotage.
10:06 PM Apr 16th via txt

has goals & lots of Ideas but at this point only wants to learn how to allow my Self to appreciate & enjoy my life & myself as is: Now.
10:13 PM Apr 16th via txt

@ChrisW357 I think I understand... I have creative abilities & potential. It`s a block to self-prevent accomplishment or fulfillment.
10:18 PM Apr 16th via txt - Hagrid likes to go to the washroom with me.
10:43 PM Apr 16th via TwitPic

showered & dressed for the day (work later) enjoying cheezy 80s compilation cassettes on my stereo &waiting for J to arrive w/breakfast.
9:28 AM Apr 17th via txt - J on his psp. i`m in the washroom. (nerves)
11:43 AM Apr 17th via TwitPic

can`t believe there`s only an hour to go until I close up for the day! It was non-stop folding for the first few hours but slower now.
3:57 PM Apr 17th via txt

J moved his 40" LCD HD tv & his PS3 in this evening. Shit`s getting serious now. Lion is snuggled up to him happy as can be.
6:34 PM Apr 17th via txt

Hagrid is sharing his feelings with me in the washroom (conference room) but he was on the other side of J earlier too. They love him.
6:36 PM Apr 17th via txt

More belongings will come in throughout the next month. He`s getting a corner for his desk & I`ll be moving things about but we got this. <3
6:38 PM Apr 17th via txt - waiting for midnight ---
11:21 PM Apr 17th via TwitPic - Happy Birthday! @jjmk1978 - from your beesknees.
12:11 AM Apr 18th via TwitPic

solar powered? more like solar awesome!
6:40 PM Apr 18th via txt

J just text`d me this gem: "OUR LOVE IS WORTH MORE THAN BANDWIDTH."
6:58 PM Apr 18th via txt - enjoying a cassette from 1994 (Zhane) smooth vibe.
7:47 PM Apr 18th via TwitPic the impossible has happened. I am a fan of 'Stargate Universe'. J. was smart to start me off w/it. There`s a nerd to relate to &...
11:18 AM Apr 19th via txt

...& one of the main characters played a father turned raging zombie in a movie I`ve enjoyed. Also, a solar-powered ship called 'Destiny' <3
11:21 AM Apr 19th via txt - green buds of Spring.
1:27 PM Apr 19th via TwitPic

How about that volcanic ash cloud, eh? Freakin` lightning bolts in it! Full of impending doom (because it`s something beyond our control).
6:23 AM Apr 20th via txt - So cute.
7:43 AM Apr 20th via TwitPic - had to make WalkOfPain (to check mail) worthwhile.
12:36 PM Apr 20th via TwitPic

should have visited clinic last week about ear thing. now it`s ear & fever scary thing. blah.
11:05 PM Apr 20th via txt - Yet another reason to love Jon.
12:21 AM Apr 21st via TwitPic

mesmerized by a woman on tv who has a very wrinkly neck in contrast to her face lift plastic surgery smooth face. disturbing idea of beauty.
3:30 PM Apr 21st via txt

RT @TORROLLERDERBY: New Toronto Roller Derby Blog post: ZOMG Season Tickets! #rollerderby #Toronto #ToRD
8:18 AM Apr 22nd via txt - Captivated.
9:03 AM Apr 22nd via TwitPic

Earth Day. Mass numbers of people are going to act like they care about the planet for one day. 40 years of "celebrating" &we`re not better.
9:13 AM Apr 22nd via txt

The way leaves return to trees in Spring - something hopeful about that.
10:01 AM Apr 22nd via txt - Purple!
1:37 PM Apr 22nd via TwitPic - dear other agoraphobes: new leaves look like this.
1:46 PM Apr 22nd via TwitPic - dear jaded adults: children still play with chalk.
1:51 PM Apr 22nd via TwitPic - The best way to say it. Ever.
12:19 AM Apr 23rd via TwitPic - Trimming the trees in Toronto.
1:09 PM Apr 26th via TwitPic

finally went to clinic today. doctor put me on antibiotics immediately. inflammation & infection in ear. headache made me cry in my sleep.
9:13 PM Apr 28th via txt - haha! "Don`t they know there`s an app for that?"
12:12 AM Apr 29th via TwitPic

Hydro went out. Smells electrical. Firetruck at Queen & Willow, directly north. Eerily dark.
9:40 PM Apr 29th via txt

Queen & Willow right now.
11:46 PM Apr 29th via TwitPic

Little light but people are out & about.
12:10 AM Apr 30th via TwitPic

On the upside, last night`s hydro outage got people outside (including me!) and the evening ended with a candle gathering at my neighbour`s.
11:26 AM Apr 30th via txt

dear h.w., thank you for getting me to write again. i was stuck.
11:39 AM Apr 30th via txt

Eep! Got her back out window w/ paper towel roll.
2:22 PM Apr 30th via TwitPic

Lovely roses J brought home to me yesterday...
4:40 PM Apr 30th via TwitPic
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