goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

{microblog} 01 March 2010 to 31 March 2010

01 March 2010 to 31 March 2010

Squee! Just saw for the first time a tv preview for the upcoming alice in wonderland film! Can`t wait!
9:48 PM Mar 1st via txt

has missed watching 'The Daily Show' - oh, Jon, let`s never let the Olympics & my 3 tv stations come between us ever again! <3
12:13 AM Mar 2nd via txt - put a box of my photos in The Pie Shack on Queen.
3:18 PM Mar 2nd via TwitPic

@mattgood (sing, sing, sing - an old fave big band swing song but I won`t tell!) M+ Podcast is fantastic. I love mg`s written posts but yay!
6:10 PM Mar 3rd via txt

Note to self: visit / To think the area has yet to be restored. I can`t believe it`s thought to be ok to abandon them, still.
6:23 PM Mar 3rd via txt

remembers watching the devastation of Katrina on TV - bodies in the water & worst of all - the hesitation / reluctance of the gov`t to help.
6:31 PM Mar 3rd via txt

Re: the air traffic controller who let a kid do the job - kudos! he may have inspired a dream in a child. no harm done: only joy&confidence.
11:20 PM Mar 3rd via txt

Remember back when we believed that we could become anything we wanted? As adults we know we`ve been bred to be consumers, but let`s forget.
11:23 PM Mar 3rd via txt

Imagine: a pilot has a moment when hearing the child`s voice stating air traffic control commands & remembers when they first wanted to fly.
11:27 PM Mar 3rd via txt

@mattgood Ohhh... the explanation of what changes you`re going to do with the site sounds great. I`m looking forward to the members section!
2:48 PM Mar 5th via txt

@mattgood The cost would be worth it. Being a long-time reader of your blog, if I can pay that amount for my own blog or my Flickr, why not?
2:51 PM Mar 5th via txt

@mattgood I`m from the poverty stricken realm but there`s always a way to pay for what you really want somehow. & I love the social aspect.
2:54 PM Mar 5th via txt

doesn`t have net access at home & so twitters comments instead. Makes me look like a dork but what doesn`t. Catching up w/internetz offline.
3:16 PM Mar 5th via txt

dropped phone in garlic dip recently. phone jumped into bath today. clean but out of service.
5:04 PM Mar 5th via mobile web

loved 'Alice in Wonderland' - fantastic imagining! - sold out shows at Scotiabank Theatre today - happy J & I went.
11:19 PM Mar 5th via mobile web

@alicedidnotfall Tim Burton`s rendition was wonderful & wound itself into the original story well. & it was gorgeous to watch.
1:50 PM Mar 6th via txt

saved the cellphone, phew! not being able to use it, especially since it was topped up for the month, would`ve sucked. bigtime.
3:06 PM Mar 6th via txt

bathing my phone, however, likely saved everyone a play-by-play of my AiW movie experience. Voice Post! -->
3:12 PM Mar 6th via txt - sold $15 worth at The Pie Shack of my photocards!
5:36 PM Mar 7th via TwitPic

Pie Shack owner wants me in next week to idea a better display, yay! He used to be in marketing so I know that he`ll help sell even more!
5:41 PM Mar 7th via txt - loves Neil Patrick Harris. (He had me at Doogie)
8:36 PM Mar 7th via TwitPic

The tribute to John Hughes... sigh. He made a lot of my fave movies. Ruled the `80s. Hughes film marathon anyone?
9:22 PM Mar 7th via txt - would love to write a screenplay when i know more.
9:54 PM Mar 7th via TwitPic

flashback to when i was 17 & an older man I crushed on drove me home after the company dance. he told me to never change. inevitably, i did.
10:05 PM Mar 7th via txt - patio weather
1:39 PM Mar 8th via TwitPic - @mattgood is itunes pick of the week @ Starbucks!
7:10 PM Mar 9th via TwitPic

@alicedidnotfall re: contributing to your new blog - i`d love to! honoured that you`d ask. & sweet & insane is right up my alley. send info!
11:53 PM Mar 9th via txt - moved stuff around so there is more room in apt.
1:13 AM Mar 10th via TwitPic

read retweet from @jjmk1978 that Corey Haim has died. Wow... not nice to see first thing while catching up on twitter texts. : (
10:53 AM Mar 10th via txt

@RetroRedux re: Corey Haim`s accidental drug overdose - i wonder if his was prescription medication as well?
11:08 AM Mar 10th via txt

Bruce: (discussing his hoarding addiction since early childhood) "I can`t let go." [sitting in restaurant] Me: "what are you holding on to?"
7:33 PM Mar 10th via txt

Colbert on tv (so dreamy!) - moving stuff around - got a "Wooden Music Center" (i can listen to my vinyl, cassettes & cds again, yay!)
1:02 AM Mar 11th via txt

w-mart: sorry about the piles of vomit in your parking lot. my friend is ok but i`m queasy now. i hid w/the shopping carts ('twas traumatic)
1:08 AM Mar 11th via txt

albums played 1st on new stereo: vinyl: 'Rumors' then 'The E.N.D.' cd: MG`s 'Vancouver' next Graydon James & on cassette: Peter Gabriel 'So'
1:14 AM Mar 11th via txt - dancing &remembering why i played this lp so much.
2:33 AM Mar 11th via TwitPic

'Cupid' sang by Sam Cooke... sweet, lovely, perfect vocals. This album (20 Greatest Hits) is an essential play from my collection. sleep?no!
2:56 AM Mar 11th via txt

was not paid (pay schedule changed w/o notice dammit!), best friend forced me to walk in the sun, made out with a hot chick (max took pics).
12:19 AM Mar 12th via txt

leads a life of intrigue & fun despite rarely leaving house, dealing w/daily panic attacks, the battle w/depression & lack of $. Take that!
12:25 AM Mar 12th via txt

maybe it`s the huge cup of coffee I had (or the fresh air? or something?) but I`m happy in this moment despite the struggles.
12:28 AM Mar 12th via txt

how awesome to listen to music w/a stereo again! being surrounded by my collection (in a bachelor apt.) made me miss it so much...
12:38 AM Mar 12th via txt - yesterday: new photocard display only @thepieshack
1:34 AM Mar 12th via TwitPic

received this fortune the other night: "Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time."
2:07 AM Mar 12th via txt

was just outside across the street using wifi from a coffeeshop. people from bar walked by & were friendly, remarked on my cool lil netbook.
3:08 AM Mar 12th via txt

thinking of blog post @mattgood made re: birth abnormalities in Iraq since start of war (where he excerpted & linked to startling article).
3:21 PM Mar 12th via txt - gorgeous roses from my Tallman. So very beautiful!
8:28 PM Mar 12th via TwitPic

posting to twitter when not awake is not advised. especially when you`ll have to get dressed & go outside to delete mistake tweets. grumble.
1:00 AM Mar 13th via txt

saw 'The Hurt Locker' - gets why it swept the Academy Awards. Quote used at start of film is thesis statement backed by performance/setting.
1:19 AM Mar 13th via txt

Toronto. A metropolitan city. One of those places where there`s always something going on, something to do regardless of how much $ you got.
2:19 PM Mar 13th via txt

Toronto. City of movie theatres & bookstores. Parks & lakefronts. Downtown, Chinatown, The Danforth, Queen Street East /West - a metronome.
2:24 PM Mar 13th via txt

Toronto. Where no matter the weather, there`s always someplace to go, something to do, somewhere to be. & this Saturday? i`m doing laundry!
2:28 PM Mar 13th via txt - J made supper & I`m proud that he incl. salad!
6:10 PM Mar 13th via TwitPic

loves the breeze coming through the window, sound of light rainfall, droplets on the panes, & perfect height of my new double boxspring bed.
8:33 PM Mar 13th via txt

will NOT be following the T.O. St. Patrick`s Day Parade. Last year: BAD idea after breakup w/Irishman. (I stumbled over it before it began).
12:18 PM Mar 14th via txt

It was a pretty day last year. I nearly followed the entire route taking pictures. Something exciting about how things stop for a parade.
12:26 PM Mar 14th via txt

A year later & my apartment looks & feels more comfortable. My cats are happy. I have blooming roses from my fiance, who`s on his way over
12:31 PM Mar 14th via txt

last night I listened to my cassette of Frank Sinatra`s "duets" before bed. Now I`m playing "duets II". I had such a crush on ol' blue eyes.
12:51 PM Mar 14th via txt - Happy cats on a bed off the floor, finally, again!
2:11 PM Mar 14th via TwitPic

@lowernineorg Heard of your work when flipping between news coverage on my little tv. Caught the end bit on CBC & noted the web address.
1:17 PM Mar 15th via txt - Best friend Jeremy is visiting me. : )
4:02 PM Mar 15th via TwitPic - At 'The Beacher Cafe' w/ J & Jeremy for noms!
6:24 PM Mar 15th via TwitPic - @ThePieShack 2305 Queen Street East /tea and pie!
7:34 PM Mar 15th via TwitPic

Bret "The Hitman" Hart is on @thehour. When I was growing up, I had a step-bro who watched wrestling religiously & I was, by default, a fan.
11:44 PM Mar 16th via txt

For some reason, this interview is reminding me of 'The Wrestler' ! & then @strombo brings it up! Interesting to hear hint of Hitman`s view.
11:47 PM Mar 16th via txt

stopped being interested in wrestling by my teenage years but now & then when names from that era are mentioned I`m hit with some nostalgia.
12:01 AM Mar 17th via txt

haiku > Queen streetcar at night / rail sways like a pendulum / tall grass in a breeze
4:14 AM Mar 17th via txt - On a patio with Char... streetcar!
3:47 PM Mar 17th via TwitPic

was just outside using my netbook on queen street: uploaded photos to flickr & saved LJfriends list along w/a few blogs for offline reading.
2:14 AM Mar 18th via txt

@RetroRedux This past week I received 2 gorgeous alice in wonderland postcards to add to my collection from you (once I reply to them). <3
11:56 AM Mar 18th via txt

took some photos down at the beach (lake ontario) w/J earlier. My timed self portraits turned me into a glowy ball of light next to him.
7:36 PM Mar 18th via txt

Gosh! The way that Jon Stewart is starting tonight`s show is freaking me out. [March 18th, 2010] Great to see him standing up. <3`ing this!
12:09 AM Mar 19th via txt - " ingenius it doesn`t make any sense..."
12:15 AM Mar 19th via TwitPic

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show): both blowing my mind & making me laugh so much it hurts. "I promised myself that I would cry." bestopeningever
12:24 AM Mar 19th via txt

watching the news. started writing a journal / blog entry on the subject of sex & spring fever, or something like that. {a bit confessional}
11:05 PM Mar 19th via txt

no wonder i`m so hesitant to write. when i really let myself i give up my secrets easily. maybe that`s what some writers are supposed to do.
11:08 PM Mar 19th via txt

updated blog in middle of night ("i`ve got holes in every part of me"; talk w/ neighbour outside on bench.
4:04 AM Mar 20th via txt

only had one other person wander past so late at night & he simply asked the time. Good conversation w/musician neighbour who moved his car.
4:09 AM Mar 20th via txt

"But when self is all you have shouldn`t you take care of it?" - @oceanarias [from her beautiful blog] Excellent point.
4:22 AM Mar 20th via txt

had a crappy day w/poor Hagrid`s tummy upset. hope he`s calmed down. never in all his years have i seen him do this. was gross & worried me.
10:10 PM Mar 20th via txt

On the otherhand, after being awake until late this morning, it was nice to see J over & have the day together. Sorted some of my cds...
10:13 PM Mar 20th via txt

knows much of my music collection is outdated but is happy to be able to listen to it again. haven`t truly been able to enjoy it since 2008.
10:27 PM Mar 20th via txt

has been wishing all day that I had internet or cable so I could have followed the vote and the coverage of historic U.S. healthcare reform.
11:54 PM Mar 21st via txt

re: @BarackObama "Yes we can." /There`s still so much more the world was hoping you would change. Yes, this is a start. Remember the people.
11:57 PM Mar 21st via txt

must admit I`ve been worried (though I kept my Obama poster up) because I hadn`t seen much difference (especially when it comes to the war).
12:00 AM Mar 22nd via txt

thinks weather changes are wreaking havoc on my Hagrid. 2 vomits a few minutes ago. Cats shit & puke their guts out & then are "wut?" after.
4:30 PM Mar 22nd via txt - Lioncat has a string? The Lion cat has a string!
6:25 PM Mar 22nd via TwitPic
9:41 PM Mar 22nd via TwitPic

haiku > going to sleep with / the rain falling from rooftops / drops on window ledge
4:40 AM Mar 23rd via txt - Outside.
7:49 PM Mar 23rd via TwitPic

took garbage out just before 1am & noticed the sprouting green in the darkness. flowers will be here soon. i do look forward to leafy trees!
12:54 AM Mar 25th via txt

listening to some of the death threat phonecalls on the news that were placed to Democrats who voted for healthcare reform. I am disgusted.
5:45 PM Mar 25th via txt

How can some people be so ignorant & hateful? How can they be so stupid to buy into the spewed $$$ hate machine? Health + Care = Good Thing.
5:50 PM Mar 25th via txt

wrote some postcards. letter(s) in progress for you. realization I have a movie crush on Jeremy Renner <3 (The Hurt Locker & 28 Weeks Later)
9:56 PM Mar 25th via txt

will do things differently today - or do different things - either way: new day.
1:40 AM Mar 26th via txt - started exercising around 730 this morning. go me!
8:56 AM Mar 26th via TwitPic - waiting to meet up w/J to do some shopping.
4:40 PM Mar 26th via TwitPic - on the path underground at The Bay. (so handsome!)
5:18 PM Mar 26th via TwitPic - on streetcar heading back to the beach/es...
6:32 PM Mar 26th via TwitPic - went to The Pie Shack & cuddled back at my place.
10:43 PM Mar 26th via TwitPic

didn`t sleep well at all despite being awake all day yesterday (exercise, fresh air, etc). I`m wound because I`m going to get my taxes done.
9:15 AM Mar 27th via txt

finished taxes. @jjmk1978 complained about the wait time but he was waiting for me. the same guy who took care of me is tending to him now.
2:43 PM Mar 27th via txt

just paid for 1 year M+ membership. Motivation to leave the house so that I can use wifi & interact with other @mattgood fans.
5:20 PM Mar 27th via txt - having dinner at King`s Table w/J & his Dad.
6:29 PM Mar 27th via TwitPic

@jdmfresh Yep! & now, not long after, my body is punishing me for having such a yummy meal. never fails that soon after i`m in trouble.
7:31 PM Mar 27th via txt - dork bought a coat!
2:06 PM Mar 28th via TwitPic - Comfy chair!
3:59 PM Mar 29th via TwitPic

The moon looks incredible this evening! Huge & yellow, sinking low! If I could take a pic that would do it justice... look at the moon!
8:01 PM Mar 29th via txt

had busy day! 1. paid april rent 2. comfy chair 3. ipod nano 4. planet earth blu-ray for J <3 5. walk from kingston rd 6. visit w/meghan
11:51 PM Mar 29th via txt

enjoyed convo w/guy (works nearby Starbucks) about photography & painting - reasons for "putting it out there" or not - relating expression.
12:04 AM Mar 30th via txt

Yay! New episode of "The Daily Show" is on (CTV) & I`ll watch it from my new comfy chair. My legs actually feel all the walking I did today!
12:07 AM Mar 30th via txt

loved the NY blog post @MargaretAtwood wrote about her Twitter time:
2:49 AM Mar 30th via web

fantastic site where people share favourite poems by great poets ->
3:19 AM Mar 30th via textwit - still loves Robin Williams. (See: The Fisher King)
12:36 AM Mar 31st via TwitPic - he doesn`t get much sleep with me...
7:25 AM Mar 31st via TwitPic - At Tim Horton`s w/J. streetcar!
7:38 AM Mar 31st via TwitPic

Is it weird to be excited about an upcoming therapist appointment? I`ve been on a waiting list since September for this particular program.
7:44 AM Mar 31st via txt - Thanks for letting me use your wifi!
12:33 PM Mar 31st via TwitPic -
3:13 PM Mar 31st via TwitPic

& then it is gray / brown smog dusty horizon / over the still lake
3:22 PM Mar 31st via txt
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