goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: on a country road, what sky

on a country road, what sky

on a country road at night past fields of corn
sprouting beans in darkness through the car
window i look for the moon and see stars too
this is what sky looks like without city lights
to blitz it, here, the city a turn off by the view.

years of passing vast stretches of farms -
endless fields & barns, a lot of time in cars
watching land go by & figuring the distance
between old wooden hydro poles & marking
how long it took to get anywhere --- so long.

through the car window i look for stars & moon
i consider the distance between them, me & you.

- adp, 19 May 2009 / 25 July 2009 / 07 February 2010
Tags: poetry & prose

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