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[wsib case update]

WAIT! If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention my "WSIB case" or my "claim", there's an explanation in dialogue form that can be read here!
(you're welcome!)

Recently, I was quite upset when it was suggested that I should have to prove medically why I would want to change from the Health Office Assistant program and pursue something more applicable to what I want - Archives & Records Management - especially after everything that has happened throughout the duration of this claim - the mishandling of it by WSIB since the first claim was approved in 2000 - and I think my emotional (yes at times surprisingly rational) statements reflect this.

i don't see how it's possible to have a doctor or psychiatrist be able to say that any particular vocation will cause me to have an allergic reaction and thereby increase my anxiety unless they are informed about allergic contact dermatitis, my specific allergens and knowledge of every job out there, or even just minimally the ones I am interested in. This is a ridiculous and hopeless thing for her to request, obviously for which I have no one who can support me in this - and surely anyone you contact will say the same. Even my doctor doesn't have the time to research what can and will affect me in that matter. That's stupid. And I think it's putting us off track, as well.

If they want to be that confrontational about it --- (when WSIB is the one who would surely the most stats on where their cases of allergic contact dermatitis is reported, in what fields and jobs - though it is a condition often gone unreported, I suppose) --- then I don't want to get into it.

Keep the damn SEB the same, if you can even win the claim. (Are they now fighting a win based on whether or not I was anxious and failed because I was in the wrong program? Completely off track and the wrong way be thinking of why I couldn't succeed and will still have trouble no matter what, so long as I don't have proper psychiatric help and financial support).

If they want to not consider my personal choice of schooling (when it goes in line with the assessment - librarian) fine, I don't care anymore. If you're able to win, I'll just be glad to have that paycheque for awhile and hopefully a good psychotherapist. I'll do the schooling, hopefully, and use some of the skills that are applicable that I'll learn and transfer them over into more schooling that I'll do on my own.

I don't want to argue over this if they want to be as fantastical as they are being - in thinking any doctor, unless specialized in knowing this sort of thing - relation of my specific allergy to all the jobs out there - would even waste a second in being able to support this reasoning, well, it's just dumb and a great distraction from the actual case.

Are we not fighting it because I have secondary psycho-traumatic entitlement based on a developed anxiety and depression that occurred after they left me in that factory to rot after my initial winning and diagnosis Or NOT?

I don't want to fight it to another level. I'm tired of fighting this stupid case. It's making my life worse. It isn't helping. Please, just win it and I'll do their damn program. At least I could afford a good psychotherapist if I'm back on payroll.

Anyone that i have mentioned the connection between my skin and the field they put me in (when I realized that there would be a problem --- let's say it actually is in my reports with the disability case manager at the time while I was in school) well, it wouldn't matter - as they don't know anything about the actual condition or whether it would affect it or not. So it doesn't matter. That includes a professional like a psychiatrist or a doctor.

If you win and I go into medical health office assistant, perhaps I may even take a job in that field. WSIB, who would have more knowledge of stats on this and consequences than I do, while knowing my allergic reaction and the of things that can cause flare-up, well, they can send me out into that field and they can see me come right back in the forms of WSIB reports, first aid reports, and subsequent claims with the same #. But then again, considering the allergy, it's likely to happen at almost any job, so who cares? Certainly not them.

So why are they distracting you with this tangent? Because I said I wanted to do Archives & records management - a different program.

If they are so intent that I can't switch programs, then fine. I don't want to fight it to any next level. I just want the claim back, if that's even possible.

As 'sympathetic' or 'understanding' as this person may seem, they clearly know that there's no way I can get anyone to state that the program would have caused me more anxiety because of my skin condition when it would take me having to be in the field and have a reaction and see a specialist and them connect it to the workplace to actually verify it.

Oh, which reminds me of how long ago, WSIB never even came into my workplace when my hands were hamburger meat. Yet, they are putting all this on me. I'm tired of proving myself.

Can't we just get this to trial and over with? Please?


p.s. honestly, maybe no program will be successful for me until I am able to get adequate psychotherapy and live without being in poverty. my anxiety increases regardless and my functionality decreases.

what are we fighting this claim on now? what basis of hope is there to win it when they want to change their argument against me?

I am telling you again that I don't believe the psychiatrist will at all be able to say that one program will be damaging to me over the other.

I am telling you again that I don't believe the psychiatrist will at all be able to say that one program will be damaging to me over the other.

I am NOT in the archives & records management program right now because that is a program I'd have to pay for and is NOT covered by OSAP.

I am in the Redirection Through Education program at George Brown for people who have dealt with or are dealing with mental illness or substance abuse.

I am not completely successful at this time as I've had increased anxiety and reclusive tendencies come out the more stressed out I get over my financial situation. This damn claim isn't helping any (not that it ever did).

Don't change the SEB then. Can't we just do that? I'm already affected by the injury, by the mental shit that happened to me from being in that factory, from the years since then where I've been tossed around and discarded, where I'm never going to be the same person again, where I've developed behaviours that are damaging and self-destructive and have had no consistent support or help with it all. I'm living in poverty. I can't get hired anywhere. I HAVE applied for ODSP again but it will take several months before I get that denied and will have to wait that the hearing on that.


I still demand a proper psychotherapist and hopefully, should you actually win this case (the sooner the better) I will pay for it out of pocket if I have to. I want help but I can't get that help without your help. In the meantime, I am on waiting lists for more help from the city but it's not adequate.

I quit my job due to increased anxiety that occurred due to badgering from the employers at work, all documented in their threats of termination write-ups that I received prior to quitting. I also had to deal with my skin condition at certain times. MOST jobs that I will go into will expose me to my skin condition. That is a FACT. That's is why at this time I don't give a damn whether you get the SEB - getting me back on income where I can afford to support myself and to have proper treatment is more important. I'll do the damn medical office. At least it'd buy me some time and then after I'm done the program I could go do what I like. What's another couple years of my life controlled by their decision?

I can't "continue in archives and records management" because I'm not IN that program. I simply wanted to do that. It suits me better (and the initial assessment) and I'm doing related activities in my volunteer work. It's also what I would prefer to do. If she doesn't give a damn about that, then forget about it. I don't care anymore about it. I'll eventually do it.

Is this even a relevant argument? Am I going to win the case based on my psychological condition or NOT??? If I'm not, then what does this SEB shit matter? I'll do their damn program, okay? Would that make them happy?

Just go back to the first SEB. It will at least have me in school. Have me paid regularly which would be of immense relief and transform my life from how it is now - this struggling is unbearable - and I'd still be in school. If I was doing well and found myself a good psychologist (probably one who is into mindfulness / dbt therapy) I may even take some courses in the archives / records management field on my own time with my own money. If you win the claim, I'd have some backpay coming to me that it wouldn't be inconceivable for me to have some money set aside for further schooling of MY choosing, right? And the medical office training doesn't necessarily mean I have to get a job in that field (although they sure are hiring a lot) - I can likely get a job as a receptionist with that certificate in other places. It's not entirely hopeless. I would have LIKED IT if I could have been supported in a field of my choosing, especially after all this time and after I have involved myself in activities related to the what I want to do (the fact that I am definite about what I would like to do) but I'm not going to fight for that anymore if that is the only thing keeping me from having my pay changed from 184 every 2 weeks to 850+/bi-weekly, okay? I suck at math but I know enough to realize that will make all the difference in the world to me.

Pursue previous SEB, please.

I will do the archives program on my own afterward. I don't want to wait another year for a hearing. NO MORE WAITING. So if there is a chance that we can win this on the previous SEB, PLEASE do that. Waiting has been HELL. It has caused me much psychological anguish and I want it DONE with.

Dr. B. can't come up with crap. He saw me once and really had no inclination to see me again unless I require a medication change. He made that clear. I'm on lists to get into see an ongoing therapist and that's the gist of it. If I want an ongoing one-on-one psychotherapist immediately, I require money. Let's win me my claim back so that I can have that.

I will not be on my way to doing the archives & records management a year from now if I have no financial support as it is not a program covered by OSAP. I do, however, hope to somehow stay in this school program in the meantime while waiting for you to get the WSIB claim finished with so that I know whether I will be applying for OSAP for a regular college program but who knows what will happen with that.

I don't think Dr. B. can be of any help with any of the above that you wanted as I don't believe anyone can -- again, I state that it's ridiculous for them to think that I can get a doctor to say anything of the sort if they don't have:
1) an ongoing history and relationship with me and familiarity with my case to the extent that they have witnessed the effects
2) knowledge of allergic contact dermatitis (& my specific allergens)
3) full knowledge of my coping (or lack there of) techniques
4) blah blah blah.

This is all very upsetting to me. I'm sorry. I should never have asked for a change of SEB --- something so simple that has no affect on WSIB and considering what I've gone through, it was a simple request that I be allowed to follow my career path, especially since I've taken my own steps (while dealing with despair and poverty) toward it, but hey, it's not like WSIB has a name for actually caring about what the worker (or former worker) wants.

Question: Can you win this claim with the SEB unchanged? Is that our only obstacle now or, again, is that just a distraction?

I can't help but despair. Do not make me wait another year. I will not make it another year.

- amber dawn pullin

This has been going on for years. It's time for some closure.

I'd like closure in at least one significantly damaging & impacting situation in my life
- is that too much to ask?

from: (my lawyer)
date Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 9:24 AM
subject RE: Case Plan
Hang in there, okay. We’re almost there, and I’ll do my best for you. I think the program you’ve been doing at George Brown is excellent, and will speak to your willingness to work hard to succeed


I just left a voice mail message for our ARO, requesting an oral hearing based on the submissions provided on the objection form, per my last email.

The next step is that she will release the file to the scheduler. I will advise you of the hearing date, once I obtain it. I have some openings in December, and am booked in January, and off the month of February; so if not in December, I will try for early March. It’s the best I can do with my own schedule right now; it’s busy.

Here's hoping for December!

Whether I win it or not, I would very much like this waiting to be over with.

Tom Petty was right when he sang, 'the waiting is the hardest part' - for real.
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